Organic Baby Formula: What You Need to Know

These days, the labelling on packages of baby formula should be treated with extra caution, because while some may feature exactly what contents are listed, many of the buzzwords and mentions on the packaging are nothing more than a simple marketing ploy. Nowadays, products labelled “Bio” and “Organic” are considered ‘healthy’, but not many people know that this has to be backed up by official standards and regulatory checks.

Many consumers and new-moms are buying these items, hoping that the product is really as healthy as claimed on the package, yet these claims are often unsubstantiated, or worse: downright lies. Only manufacturers who have passed the necessary certification for their products, starting with its production technology and ending with the supply of store shelves, can label their products as “Organic”.

 What does the word “Organic” mean?

The word “Organic” has become notably prevalent, and somewhat overused, but it essentially means that the product is grown, harvested, made, and packaged according to European standards. Only a product that has an official organic classification can be considered natural, safe, and featuring excellent nutritional properties.

The European brand Holle is an excellent option for parents looking for a quality organic baby formula, producing baby food for over 85 years. Today, you can find different baby products by Holle, including organic infant formula based on cow’s and goat’s milk.

These formulas are divided into stages (depending on the babies’ age needs) and are Demeter certified — officially the highest organic certification in Europe.

Holle formula stages marked PRE and 1 are suitable for newborn babies and can be a great substitution for breastmilk.

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Holle stage 2 is designed for infants from 6 months. Often parents use this stage in mixed feeding and during weaning.

Holle formula stage 3 is made for babies from 10 months old. This formula is perfect for bottle feeding as well as preparing porridges.

Holle stage 4 is suitable for babies from 12 months to 3 years old. It is important to admit that all infant formulas by Holle are produced as close as possible to breast milk to ensure your baby’s healthy growth.

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