These Are the Most Unique Beach Toys We’ve Ever Seen!

Quut beach toys

We all remember getting down and dirty on the beach with buckets and spades, beach bats and sandcastles but none of us got the chance to play with toys like these! Belgian design company, Quut has just launched their unique range of beach toys in South Africa and we’re dying to be young again just so we can play with them! The innovative and unique beach toy range offers kids and parents durable toys with multiple uses and we’re sure a few parents will be investing in a Quut toy or two this summer.

Quut beach toys
The Ringo – an exciting ring game.

Keep your kids entertained and out of trouble with this fun and interactive range that will have them busy for hours using their imaginations to create the most unique sand creations. The range includes the Alto (a sandcastle building tool – R207), Ballo (a ball-shaped beach bucket – R207), Cuppi (a shovel, sieve and ball in one – R104), Ringo (an exciting ring game – R93), Scoppi (a beach spade with a difference – R270) and the Triplet (a spade, funnel, rake and sand sifter – R93).

Quut beach toys
The Scoppi – a beach spade with a difference.

The thing we love most about these unique toys is that they allow kids to flex their imagination and creativity with endless possibilities. The designs lend themselves to multiple uses for each toy. For example the Scoppi immediately attracts the eye with its exciting, iconic design. Kids will love it as they use both their hands and their feet to move sand around the beach with ease. It’s essentially a spade, but it also comes with a smart detachable sand sifter that will double the fun as they build forts, moats and castle. The Triplet is part shovel (to help kids dig holes, build foundations and carve out moats), part sand sifter (to help remove shells and other sediment, for smooth, shapeable sand), part rake (to let kids create extra designs), and part water funnel (the hollow handle can be used as water funnel).

Quut beach toys
The Triplet – part shovel, part sand sifter, part rake, and part water funnel.

Another fun toy is The Alto – a three-part toy inspired by professional sand-builders. It’s stackable, small-medium-large components allow kids to become an expert, creating firm structures that won’t crumble away in minutes. No need for multiple buckets… just fill, press and form, and your multi-layered tower is done! we also love the Cuppi – a shovel, sieve and ball,  all in one! Its ergonomic form is designed for small hands, bringing together three separate parts for a variety of activities. Use the shovel to scoop out sand castles and make tracks for the rolling ball. Or, fill the specially engineered hole in the handle to write with sand or water. When playtime is over, snap the two cups together for easy transport. When at home, bring the Cuppi into the tub for bath time fun!

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The Quut beach range will be available in South Africa from leading independent toy stores, baby boutiques and gift stores nationwide. You can buy it online from – click here to shop now.

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