Review: Can Biomedcan’s CBD Sleep Capsules Really Help You Sleep Better?


Are you battling to sleep? Getting a full eight or nine hours of sleep is critical for maintaining optimal health and well-being. But, with stresses like financial concerns, heavy work schedules, relationship troubles, and anxiety around the Coronavirus pandemic at an all-time high, it’s no surprise so many people aren’t getting enough sleep each night. I’ve been an anxious sleeper most of my life but have never considered taking supplements to help improve my sleep. The idea of taking a natural sleep supplement didn’t strike me as an effective way to improve my sleep and doctor-prescribed sleeping tablets wasn’t a road I wanted to go down. But now, after years of struggling with poor sleep, a CBD sleep aid by local company Biomedcan is helping me sleep like a baby – and during lockdown Nogal!

Praised for its ability to reduce anxiety, relax muscle tension, ease pain, and promote more restful and restorative sleep, CBD has quickly become a popular all-natural sleep aid for many people across the globe. But, while CBD is brilliant as a sleep aid on its own, Biomedcan decided to take it one step further by combining the non-psychoactive cannabis-derived chemical with other natural ingredients also known to reduce anxiety and promote sleep to form a powerful sleep supplement. The result is Biomedcan Sleep, a daily supplement that can be used to effectively improve your quality of sleep so you no longer have to worry about the business of counting sheep at bedtime.


Using what is called the ‘Entourage Effect’, to formulate a sleep aid maximises the efficacy of all of these wonderful natural ingredients to give you the most beneficial results. Combining Ashwagandha, Hop, Magnesium Citrate, Valerian Root, Sceletium, and Cannabis sativa L (CBD isolate | 20mg), Biomedcan Sleep promotes a faster and deeper natural sleep. With 20mg of CBD in each Biomedcan Sleep capsule, the ‘Entourage Effect’ works to improve the efficacy of the active ingredients in the product, especially powerful sleep aids like Valerian Root, Sceletium, and Magnesium.

I tested the product for a full month, taking one capsule 30 mins before bed each night, and was blown away by how well it worked. The first few days of taking Biomedcan Sleep I didn’t really feel a massive difference but after a week of diligently using the product, I experienced a noticeable difference in my quality of sleep.


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I found it incredibly easy to fall asleep each night, which was huge for me as my mind is always racing before bedtime. I struggle to switch off at night and this supplement really helped to calm my racing thoughts and get me in the right frame of mind for a restful night’s sleep. I usually also wake up several times during the night and struggle to fall asleep again, but taking Biomedcan Sleep I noticed I wake up less during the night, and when I do wake up I fall asleep again quickly and easily. What’s more, since running out of my 1-month supply of this supplement I can definitely tell the difference in my quality of sleep now that I’m no longer taking it.

The product is so effective not only because the formulation uses the ‘Entourage Effect’ but also because Biomedcan produces full-spectrum CBD to be used in all its products. This means they use all the important components of the cannabis plant, not only the CBD. Before formulation, Biomedcan removes all traces of THC in the ingredient to ensures the products have no psychoactive effects and are non-addictive.

Each bottle of Biomedcan Sleep contains 30 capsules so you get a full month’s supply. You can, of course, decide to take a capsule only when you feel like you need it so a bottle of 30 capsules may last you much longer than 1 month. Biomedcan Sleep is available from Wellness Warehouse, Faithful to Nature, as well as through the Biomedcan website at R549 for 30 capsules.

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