Review: On-Lead Time is a Walk in the Park with the Rogz Airtech Range

Rogz AirTech

Anyone who owns a dog that weighs more than a bag of crisps will know that those feisty hounds can be quite tricky to control at times. Of course, if you have a militant German Shepard who has the discipline of a monk and the intellect of a dolphin, then you probably have no problem on walks. However, that’s not the case with most dog owners, and many dogs can pull on a lead for various reasons, whether it be nerves, excess energy, or just some random trigger (darn you, motorbikes!).

If you have a dog who is a puller, then you’ve probably tried a few of the tricks and leads on the market, to no avail. However, Rogz has introduced a new harness and lead combo, as part of the AirTech range, which is making quite the impact, and we can vouch for it after putting it to the test with WomenStuff’s resident peanut-butter-powered American Labrador.

Rogz AirTech

Rogz AirTech Sport Harness

The AirTech Range — which is the first of its kind — is inspired by the safety and durability features of extreme sports equipment, with the tech that’s integrated into kite surfing gear used as inspiration for the harness and lead.

The focal point of the range is the AirTech Sport Harness (worn by your furry friend), and the Sport Belt and Lead (worn by you, the human — getting these the wrong way around would be awkward).

Rogz AirTech

The Rogz AirTech Sport Harness is a simple yet brilliant design that slots over your hound’s head, and then features a fully adjustable strap and clip that goes around the back of the front legs. It’s incredibly easy to slip onto any dog, and the absence of a thousand tiny clips and straps makes it an uncomplicated task.

What stands out on the product though, in addition to its soft and lightweight design, is the belay loop on the harness (which your lead connects to). This loop runs from the left side all the way to the right, allowing your lead hook or carabiner to slide alongside the back of your dog. So, there’s no more collar being twisted and rotated when your dog pulls left or right, or the harness being uncomfortably twisted and impeding your dog’s stride. Zig-zaggy dogs can just trot from tree to bush, to the left or right of your body, with no hiccup.

Rogz AirTech

That’s the pooch sorted, but what about you? Well, pairing the AirTech Sport Harness with the AirTech Sport Belt and Lead is the ideal combo. This is a lightweight and hands-free belt that’s not only lightweight and comfortable, but also gives you a few tricks on any walk.

AirTech Sport Belt and Lead

The padded belt is fitted with Aero-grade aluminium carabiners to provide superior strength and ensure minimal weight, while the belt itself also features shock-absorbing webbing to reduce strain on both the adventurer and your fur companion.

Rogz AirTech

Like the harness on the dog, the belt also includes a belay loop, which allows the carabiner attached to you to slide from your left hip to your right hip. So, as your dog moves from the right to the left (and the carabiner slides across his/her back), so does the carabiner on your belt. It’s genius.

Throw in the additional strain-easing element of having a bungee-cord lead (which has seen a notable upgrade from previous Rogz releases), and you get a lot of relief and a gradual tug if your dog pulls, rather than a violent jerk.

Rogz AirTech

Speaking of, even if you find yourself in a precarious situation, and you know that being attached to your dog isn’t going to end well, then there’s a built-in safety release, which simply requires a pull of a red tab to release the belay and allows your belt to disconnect from the lead and harness.

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On top of all these tricks, the belt also features a handy zip pocket on the back, allowing you to put your phone, keys, or doggy bags in there, which is a nice touch and really does give you that hands-free experience.


In practice, the AirTech harness, lead, and belt have been a great combination on walks and light runs. The comfort and bungee tension has allowed my dog to be far more ‘aware’ that he is tethered to me, and launching after a squirrel isn’t as much of an option for him anymore — whether this works on a psychological level or not, it works.

Rogz AirTech

Additionally, the harness is super simple to quickly slip on, but it also alleviates the need for a throat collar, which can hurt the trachea of dogs who tend to pull a lot.

While most dog accessories and harnesses may seem like ‘much of a muchness’, the AirTech range is undeniably different and admittedly superior thanks to the high-quality fabrics and out-of-the-box thinking with its design. If you have a dog that gives you a bit of grief on some walks, then there’s no harm in trying something a little different, that may just make the world of difference.

The Rogz AirTech Sport Harness is available in a variety of sizes; medium (R470), medium/large (R500), large (R600), and extra large (R700). The padded Rogz AirTech Sport Belt is priced at R950, and is available in small/medium and large/x-large. The AirTech products are available at Rogz stockists and select pet stores nationwide.

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