It’s Official, South Africa is The Cheapest Country to Travel In!

South Africa

Saffas, we’ve done it again! Living in such a beautiful country, we’re used to winning all sorts of awards and now we’ve bag another one. GoEuro, a search engine for air, bus, train, ferry, and car rental options, has just released its annual Transportation Price Index to show which countries are the most affordable for tourists (and locals) to travel in. The index shows analyzes transport options in each country to figure out which countries are the cheapest per 100 kilometers when it comes to traveling around. In the end, South Africa took the tops spot, ranking at number 1 in the world to beat out India, China, and Thailand for the top spot.

The GoEuro study takes into account the costs of trains, buses and flights in 51 countries across 5 continents and also factors in distance, schedule and the most commonly used routes in relation to regional travel and inter-city travel. The rankings also included the cheapest countries in air, train, and bus travel with India coming out cheapest for flights, South Africa cheapest for trains and Egypt cheapest for buses. Ranking the most expensive for flights was Finland, most expensive for trains was Denmark the most expensive for buses was the Netherlands.

According to the study the top 10 list of cheapest countries to travel in is as follows:

10. China
9. Egypt
8. Mexico
7. Latvia
6. Turkey
5. Ukraine
3. Malaysia | Thailand (tie)
2. Albania
1. South Africa

You can also check out the full results in the image below:

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GoEuro travel price index

For more information on the study visit the GoEuro website

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