Keep Your Smartphone Charged On-The-Go with Take Charge Bags! [Review]

Fuchsia & Cream Purse Take Charge

If, like me, you’re always on your smartphone then you have no doubt been stranded with a depleted battery and no charger at one point in your life. It’s probably the worst feeling ever, knowing that people are trying to get hold of you but sadly can’t because your cell-phone battery can’t keep up with you! I’m sure that on many occasion you’ve wished that your smartphone would just suck it up, have an espresso or a little power nap and keep going – heck you do it all the time! Luckily for all us busy, busy fashionistas out there local company, Take Charge has got your back. With a stylish leather Take Charge bag in your arsenal you’ll be able to give your gadgets a little extra oomph so they can keep going until you decide you’re done. That’s right ladies, it’s a handbag that charges your phone – what a time to be alive! I got the chance to put one of their clutch purses to the test and see if life is sweeter with this oh-so-smart clutch purse.

The luxury, genuine leather handbag, purse, clutch, and tablet envelope collection with a built-in power bank is designed and crafted in Cape Town, South Africa and offers busy lasses and lads the power to charge their smart devices on-the-go. I love that the bags are compatible with all modern smartphones from the iPhone 5 upwards as well as any micro-USB port devices such as Samsung, HTC, or Blackberry. The built-in power bank is small and sleek and a lot slimmer than most other bulky charging banks you find on the market. It has its own little secret slip-pocket inside the purse ensuring that you forget you’re carting a power bank around with you. As for its charging capabilities, the power bank allows you to fully charge your phone or tablet at least once before having to charge the power bank itself. I used the handbag for a weekend of social activities and managed to got two smartphone charges out of mine before I needed to re-charge it. The charger was super easy to use and when my battery ran out all I needed to do was give my phone some time to have a little nap inside the purse and in less than an hour it was charged and ready to play again!

Take charge bags
From left: Black Weekender, Gone Dotty & Stallion purse, Khaki & Eggshell Tote, Diamond Aztec Foldover.

The Take Charge collection is also ultra stylish and there’s a bag to suit every type of girl (or guy!) From small and dainty clutch purses and sling bags to over-sized totes and travel bags, you’re bound to find something you love in the collection. Some of my favourites include the Diamond Aztec Foldover (a cute little black and white sling bag – R1 299), Gone Dotty & Stallion Purse (a beautifully stylish black and white dotted clutch purse – R 799), Black Weekender (a sexy little canvas and leather bag – R 1 799), and the Khaki and Eggshell Tote (a must-have carry-all which comes in a variety of duo-tone leathers – R 1 799). And, if you’re looking for a stylish gift for the man in your life then you can’t go wrong with the Timberland iPad case (R 1 199).

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The entire Take Charge collection is available online through the Take Charge online store. Click here to check out their website and start shopping.

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