Taking Fashion Off the Beaten Path with Vans UltraRange 3D Adventure Shoes


The Vans brand is synonymous with skate culture and providing some of the most durable and iconic skate shoes out there, while also making a serious splash in the streetwear scene; but the American company also has a love for some more rugged footwear that can handle the elements off the beaten path.

Their original UltraRange set its sights on the trails and streets rather than the half-pipe, and the new and updated UltraRange 3D has added some improvements to make this the adventurers shoe of choice.

The shoe’s upper carries Vans’ signature durability and hallmarks – comfort combined with hardwearing and breathable panels from back to front with a conventional lacing system. The upper is great and will do its job, but the bulk of the eye-catching improvements are in the sole.

VansIt uses a new three-density sole construction that fuses Vans’ UltraCush Lite Foam in conjunction with the traditional waffle outsole they’re famed for, which gives good traction while maintaining comfort. The entire outsole unit is completed with Vans’ LuxLiner sock-boot that ensures a comfortable fit and some additional lockdown.

So if you need something that’s more about function and getting you through your outdoor adventures (while still looking good and with maximum comfort), the UltraRange 3D is a decent option to look at.

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They’re priced at R1,999 and available at Vans retail stores across South Africa.

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