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Building a website is something that has become increasingly possible and affordable in recent years, however, for the average person to do it on their own, it’s still a bit of a task. We’ve seen lots of DIY website builders online, but they’re often not intuitive and leave you high and dry once the basics are complete. Not to mention that they just don’t look great.

While one may tend to look at the big-name options abroad, South Africa’s very-own Digitise features easily the best online website builder available, with drag-and-drop functionality that makes the set-up process visual, intuitive, and easy to do.


Once you’ve got your domain name and URL set-up (which you can do all on the Digitise platform), you can then begin building your website immediately. Adding widgets, banners, social media integration, or any other custom elements is incredibly easy thanks to a fly-out menu and drag-and-drop system that all works in real-time. No waiting or long load-times – you can check out your site as you work on it.

It’s even mobile optimised, so your creation will be automatically responsive and adaptable to be viewed on mobile devices, which makes up a large percentage of web traffic – so this is a massive win and helps you having to create a specific secondary mobile site or app.

There are also a host of pre-designed templates that you can choose to use, speeding up your development process and giving you an SEO-optimised layout from the get-go.

Not only does Digitise’s ‘Build a Website’ function work seamlessly, but there are additional features of using the Digitise platform. Once your spiffy website is complete, you get a fully-integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, so that you can track your clients, products, orders, or any other elements you may have going on in your business.

With an easy drag-and-drop functionality, plus the ability to add a store, payment form, and other elements, Digitise is a breeze to use.

Furthermore, there are built-in marketing features, such as a bulk SMS system so that you can let your potential customers know about your business all within the same dashboard and back-end.

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The team behind Digitise is aware that start-ups need flexibility, so when it comes to costs, there are no contracts or long-term commitments; and there are flexible pricing packages so that you can find the best option for you and your business.

The benefit of using the Digitise platform is that from the front-end of the webpage to the CRM and marketing tools in the background, your entire online toolbox is with the same provider, making the transition in the digital space a hassle-free one rather than a painstaking process of vendor selection and hunting down the right service providers.

Why not sign-up and get cracking on your business now? Check out Digitise here.


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