The Easiest Way to Capture Customer Data

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The idea of capturing and storing data may seem like a faux pas to many consumers out there, but for marketers, it’s one of the (if not the) most important aspect of building a returning customer base.

So, without collecting customer data, you’re going in blind. From car dealerships learning your taste, budget and what you’re looking for, to digital services like Google curating your news feed to showcase the news that’s important to you, gathering data is an important part of managing your audience.


With the age of privacy concerns, customer data collection may seem a little counter-intuitive these days, but the truth of the matter is that users crave personalisation when it comes to marketing.

According to a recent study, 65% of customers were happy to share their information in exchange for more targeted marketing. Almost 67% were willing to share their data if they receive some form of benefit, such as discounts. When customers are willing to provide personal data for marketing purposes, why not collect it and use it for more targeted, strategic marketing?


The ideal tool for markets is an app or service which can help you customise your data collection process, while also offering marketing tools to utilise this data. Digitise is an amazing platform which allows creating websites or forms in minutes, which can be used on mobile or desktops, allowing a wide variety of potential customers to engage with them.

Furthermore, Digitise has a built-in CRM system, which allows you to manage your users’ email addresses, mobile numbers, or any other information provided by your customers; while also creating custom lists which curate your audience into different segments based on their answers or form inputs.

Digitise also has a built-in SMS marketing system, where you can build your own client or user base and create customised SMS campaigns to directly target your audience – whether it be highlighting a sale, new product launch, or just letting people know about your business.


The team behind Digitise is aware that start-ups need flexibility, so when it comes to costs, there are no contracts or long-term commitments; and there are flexible pricing packages so that you can find the best option for you and your business.

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The benefit of using the Digitise platform is that from the front-end of the webpage to the CRM and marketing tools in the background, your entire online toolbox is with the same provider, making the transition in the digital space a hassle-free one rather than a painstaking process of vendor selection and hunting down the right service providers.

Why not sign-up and get cracking on your business now? Check out Digitise here.


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