This Bite-Sized Ballet Recap of Game of Thrones S6 is Simply Breathtaking! [Watch]

Joburg Ballet

We all wish we could get to the ballet more often but stress not because The Joburg Ballet in collaboration with TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris is bringing the ballet to you with an incredible new series of Bite-Size Ballets you can watch during your lunch break.

In an effort to make this beautiful art form relevant to a wider audience each piece in the series will take inspiration from big social stories – from TV series and sports to violence against women and beyond, The Joburg Ballet is leaving no stone unturned. Starting on a fun note, the first bite-sized piece in the series offered Game of Thrones fans a short recap of season 6 before they tuck into the mayhem that season 7 is sure to bring. Watch it below!

All the ballets in the series are different lengths, but owing to the fact that people have short attention spans and are generally time-starved, these clips are mostly all under 2-minutes long. Of course, the length of each video is also determined by how long the story needs in order to make sense but no matter how long, they are all beautifully filmed and offer a rather magical glimpse of Johannesburg.

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Other subjects in the series include a recap of the McGregor VS Mayweather boxing match as well as a powerful commentary on some of the high profile cases of violence against women that have made it into the news over the past few weeks.

#BiteSizeBallet is an ongoing series of little ballets inspired by today’s big stories. Discover more about the series and watch them all on the Joburg Ballet website.

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