This Genius Online Printing Company is an Absolute Game-Changer for SA!

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Peter Kohnert, the managing director of WEBPRINTER Online Printing is a well-known entrepreneur who transformed the printing industry with digital technology in South Africa. Within a few years since its launch, his entrepreneurial venture is dominating online printing market.   

When everyone thought the days of the printing business was over due to the advent of digital technology, Peter came up with an innovative business idea. He combined print with e-commerce and started a customer-centric and cost-friendly online printing service with delivery option all over the country. 

All kinds of businesses have some sort of printing requirements; Peter took this simple concept and materialised it into a successful service.

“All businesses have a need for some form of printed material, from promotional flyers to stationery to other printed items.”

So how did Peter Kohnert make sure that his business remains relevant in current times when digital has overtaken print in almost all aspects?

“WEBPRINTER Online Printing offers a complete online print service and can print virtually anything. Our process is easy, fast, efficient and cost-effective. This is particularly useful for smaller businesses where time and money is critical.”

There are other reasons why it remains one of the most demanded online printing service in South Africa.

“We genuinely partner with our clients, meaning that they have one less thing to worry about. We can print almost anything and offer a range of printing options and design services, which makes printing affordable and within the reach of all businesses, no matter how large or small”.

Other than giving the utmost attention to client’s needs, Peter invested his time and money making this service customer-friendly. The website is also ridiculously easy to use.

Don’t you just hate placing an order and only knowing the cost after a quote? WEBPRINTER’s live cost calculator will keep you up to date with every detail of your order!

“I have here print ready design what most people have you are able to design your personal flyover. Everything is optimised for the South African Market, we feel it is different from overseas, we tried to make it as easy and fast as possible.”

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WEBPRINTER Online Printing offers its services in the entire country. It promises high-speed hassle-free delivery all over South Africa.

“We offer free delivery anywhere in the country we guarantee 5 to 6 days delivery on flyers which we keep. On most digital printed products, we are offering now a 24 hours turnaround time”

Apart from being a user-friendly, cost-effective and time-saving service, WEBPRINTER Online Printing do not compromise on the print quality.

“We have spent a large amount of money on our digital print production and we are using the most advanced litho print technology.”

Check out more on WEBPRINTER Online Printing here.

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