Travel Must-Haves for Women During Winter Season

Winter travel

Many people avoid going on vacations during winter. But it is fun, as long as you’ve armed yourself with the necessary gear for the season, that is!

For women traveling during this season, you not only worry about the type of clothes you’ll need to pack, but also the materials that’ll keep you warm during an unfamiliar winter stretch. However, taking quality time to prepare yourself and writing down the list items that you’ll need to pack are critical things for you to enjoy your winter vacation. Remember not to over pack and only carry the essential elements that you’ll need.

Here is a must-have list of things to pack as you prepare for your winter trip.

1. Winter Jacket

A warm jacket is the first thing that you should have on your list. You cannot afford to forget packing a warm coat during your adventure, and a jacket that features fur inside and has a detached hood will be a perfect option to cater for just about any curveballs the weather might throw at you. A good idea is to buy an oversized coat, too, so that you can wear other clothes underneath it for more warmth. Another quality to consider when purchasing a jacket is its material. Having something that is waterproof is a huge bonus.

2. Beanie

Even if your coat has a hood, a beanie is a must, and it should be warm and large enough to cover your head, ears and upper part of your neck.

3. Scarf

A good scarf is often the most overlooked accessory, but can be an absolute life-saver in some cold weather conditions. Covering your neck, face, and chest will prevent a lot of heat-loss from your body.

4. Leggings

Layering is crucial, and another must-have accessory for the traveling-woman is some good ole leggings. Putting them under your jeans can just give you that extra bit of comfort and warmth when on the move.

5. Gloves

When in particularly cold weather, your fingers can be the biggest casualties, so don’t forget some gloves on your trip. Go for touch-screen sensitive gloves in case you want to use your phone when you’re out and about, too! Another tip is that it’s advisable to carry black/dark coloured gloves that you can reuse for some time without having to wash them.

6. Socks and Boots

Carry more than three pairs of warm but thin socks on your winter trip. Cotton made socks are ideal to keep your feet warm and dry, while boots are the best type of shoes to wear during winter. Not only will they keep your feet warm, but also you will walk comfortably on snow in the wet in them.

7. Torchlight

During winter seasons, nights are longer than days. Again, cold weather tends to affect your phone’s battery life, and it can go flat sooner than usual. Ensuring you have your small torch with you at all times will save you in case you find yourself in the darkness.

8. Moisturiser

With cold weather comes dry air, and it can affect your skin. As a woman, the last thing you want to be dealing with is dry skin, so remember to pack that moisturiser to keep your skin glowing.

9. Sunscreen and lip balm

If you think that there’s no need for applying sunscreen during the winter season, you’re wrong! In certain regions, UV light tends to be even more prominent in winter, so bring sunscreen with you at all times. Dry air condition will also not spare your lips from getting dry and cracking, so never forget to have your lip balm in your backpack.

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10. Flask

Remember to bring or buy a small thermos flask that you can put hot coffee or tea into. It’ll add a lot of comfort to your mornings on-the-go.

11. Small Backpack

Everyone forgets to take a smaller backpack with them on their trips, so that when you leave your luggage and main bags in the hotel room, you have a smaller, more compact option to use for the day out. The backpack should be big enough to accommodate your flask, torch, camera, and phone among other items, while also being waterproof. A backpack is also convenient when travelling to the likes of Camino de Santiago, as you can enjoy cycling from one point to another.

12. Camera

As mentioned above, your phone’s charge may not last for long in icy weather areas. Therefore, bringing your digital camera with you may still keep you connected to your friends and family, as most modern cameras now have WiFi and social media capabilities.

13. Medicines

Cold weather and the change of conditions is likely to affect your health. It is therefore advisable you pack some common medicine for flu and fever symptoms in case you feel under the weather. Remember to include some painkillers like Ibuprofen or paracetamol for relieving any aches or worries you may have.

Final tips:

  • Pack early enough to give you some time to relax as you wait for your departure D-day.
  • Google any information about your destination in order to be familiar with it if its your first trip to the country, and ensure you use an agent to book for your trip.
  • Other feminine items to add on to your travel bag are hair food, perfumes, and toiletries. You may think that you’ll purchase some of these on your arrival, but you don’t want frustrations when land on the weekend only to find that most beauty shops are not open.
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