WIN Big with Matrix by Revealing Your Driving Habits!

Much like stealing that odd midday snack from the fridge, there are a lot of things that aren’t illegal, but you probably shouldn’t do. While something as innocuous as a stealthy pizza indulgence won’t hurt anyone, bad habits while driving can have detrimental outcomes for you and others on the road.

Matrix is raising awareness around these poor driving habits thanks to a newly-launched campaign which takes a closer-look at some of the most common and problematic behaviours of South African drivers.

The specialists in vehicle tracking have launched a survey which asks users about their everyday driving routines (don’t worry, it’s all confidential and anonymous – so be honest); and by completing the survey, you stand a chance at winning daily prizes of R200 and the chance to win the ultimate Defensive Driving Course experience.

Check out and complete the survey here to stand a chance to win!

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