The holiday season might be over but the wonderful summer weather isn’t going anywhere any time soon so make sure you enjoy this time to show some skin and get your glow on! But be warned, as fun as frolicking in the sun may be, as you age, your cell rejuvenation rate tends to slow down, leading to those not-so-wonderful visible signs of ageing. Luckily there’s a solution — body scrubs and oils! Using body scrubs helps to exfoliate and detox the skin as well as increase blood circulation and drain lymph nodes, leaving skin healthier, hydrated and smooth to the touch. Not sure where to begin? Here’s how to keep your skin soft and silky this summer with natural body scrubs and oils.

Massage the oil into your skin:

One fantastic benefit of using a scrub is that it helps your after-shower products absorb more effectively into the skin. After rinsing off your scrub of choice, a nourishing body oil or crème applied to damp, warm skin can leave you feeling even more lush. But don’t just wait for shower time, body oil can be applied any time during the day to keep you feeling pampered and can be used in a variety of ways.

Naturals Beauty

Naturals Beauty White Sugar Scrub, R155 | Naturals Beauty Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Jasmine Body Oil, R125.

Mix it into your hair mask:

Nourish dry, damaged chlorine saturated hair with a hair mask made of 1tbsp body oil, 1tbsp honey and 1tbsp coconut milk. Apply from roots to ends and massage into scalp. Leave for 15 minutes and rise, shampoo and condition thoroughly.

Use it as a nail oil:

After filing nails, add a finishing glow by rubbing body oil into your nails, cuticles and hands to keep them soft and moisturised. Try the Naturals Beauty Lemongrass, Black Pepper and Pine Body Oil (R125) for an oil that will truly blow you away!

Naturals Beauty

An easy perfume:

Forget expensive fragrances, embrace the stunningly subtle aromas that body oils offer by applying to the insides of your wrists, behind ears and on the collar bones for a barely-there natural scent. Summer never smelt (or felt) so smooth!

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