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Few things are as stressful as picking a new hair salon – heck when I moved to Joburg it took me 2 years to find a stylist I trusted to cut my hair (I have issues). But, once you find someone you gel with, in a space you love it’s like kismet and you can’t imagine anyone else styling your tresses. Luckily for me I’ve had the pleasure of discovering some super amazing hair salons in Johannesburg and Cape Town and thought it was high time I shared my favourites with you. Here is my list of the Top 5 Hair Salons in Joburg and Cape Town.

*Disclaimer: I have personally been to these hair salons and tried out their services with great results. I’ve also listed my stylists whenever possible so you know who to go to.

1. Fugo – Parktown North, Johannesburg

There’s no doubt about it; Fugo has it all! Friendly staff (check), chic decor (check), and a wide range of innovative in-salon and home-care products (check) – this Joburg hair salon checks all the boxes and them some. Before I went to Tamrin at Fugo I had not cut my hair in a year (seriously, the struggle is real!) and was at a stage where I would weep whenever someone tried to get their hands on my tresses.

Fugo Hair

But it wasn’t just Tam that made me feel comfortable to go under the scissors, (even though she is amazing) it was also Fugo’s approach to hair. You see, when you visit Fugo they won’t touch your hair until you’ve had their signature hair assessment with your stylist. Before heading to the salon chair your stylist will assess the quality of your hair, the shape of your face, and chat to you about your main concerns with your hair – all while writing everything down in your very own client file so they can track your progress after each visit. It’s like visiting a doctor, but for your hair!

Fugo also has the best products in town. I’ve never seen a retail wall like theirs and the products they offer clients are beyond awesome. If you want, your stylist will also recommend some products for you to take home so you can continue the magic at home in-between salon visits. This is because the salon is owned and run by One Beauty Brands, hair care specialists and distributors of Brazilian Blowout and evo products in South Africa. All the stylists working there have undergone intense training on the in-house brands and have an amazing knowledge of the products on offer.

Click here to visit their website.

2. Pink23 – Gardens, Cape Town

I have been going to this hair salon in Gardens for years and when I first moved to Joburg I insisted that I would only cut my hair at Pink23 when I went home for visits. Of course, it wasn’t practical and the last thing I wanted to be doing on my short weekends at home was sit in a salon chair. The magic at Pink23 lies in the salon’s owner, Marisa. She is beyond amazing and one of the most passionate hair stylists I have ever met. The salon is her home and she keeps a close eye on everything that goes down in the salon, making sure that every client leaves looking and feeling like a million bucks.


Marisa is perfection personified and every session with her starts off with a consultation to discuss your concerns and what you want to achieve that day. I also love that she always cuts dry – your hair is blow-dried before cutting to ensure that every snip-snip is precise. This also allows you to see exactly how much she is taking off and eliminates the element of surprise when your hair goes from wet to dry after a cut. I’m yet to meet anyone that cuts like Marisa does and she is nothing short of a hair whisper!

But perhaps one of the best things about Pink23 is that they take care of their own. I love that the salon rewards their loyal clients with things like complementary blow-dries (and champers!) on your birthday, loyalty cards and a refer-a-friend system that allows you to get free stuff when you refer a friend to the salon.

Click here to visit their website.

3. Sculpt – Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Sculpt Hair is one of those places where everybody knows your name – you know, like Cheers but with less hair spray. The staff at this Parkhurst salon are beyond amazing and the vibe is simply infectious. Some hair salons can be intimidating and cold but not Sculpt; the Johannesburg salon has a laid-back atmosphere and is warm and inviting. I love the decor of this salon and am obsessed with the fact that it feels more like a home than a salon.

Sculpt Hair Salon

Budget conscious lasses will also be glad to hear that their prices are also very reasonable and you can be sure that you will leave the salon with your budget intact. They have all sorts of great deals and special offers for lads and lasses who visit them regularly and stay loyal to the salon.

But wait there’s more! The stylists at Sculpt are also the queens of the up-do and the salon is well-known as the go-to salon for weddings and special occasions. In fact, they’re a bit of a one-stop shop when it comes to special occasions as you can also get a mani and pedi and you’re makeup done while you’re there. If you’ve got a fancy pants affair coming up then you can get your nails and hair done at the same time and feel like a muli-tasker of note.

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4. Carlton – Hyde Park, Johannesburg & Canal Walk, Cape Town

Of course, we all know that Carlton has hair salons all over the country but the Hyde Park Corner and Canal Walk branches are by far my most favourite of the lot. The Hyde Park salon is huge and is a feast for the senses and your hair. I have never seen a salon quite like it and going there is a pamper of note. As for the Canal Walk branch, the staff at this spot are beyond amazing and I love the atmosphere of the chic, modern space.

Carlton hair

Carlton started way back in 1968 and has been offering clients superior salon services ever since! The salons also stock the most amazing products including the full Davines haircare range. If you haven’t heard of Davines yet then you’d better get familiar because it is absolutely amazing. My favourite treatment at Carlton is by far the Davines Replumping Moisture Treatment with micro-mist. The treatment of all treatments, this miracle concoction will leave your hair feeling as good as new and is known as the “facelift for your hair”.

See Also

If you’re wondering who to trust your locks with at these salons then I would recommend Kim at Hydpe Park and Shannon at Canal Walk – these two ladies know their stuff!

Click here to visit their website.

5. Bellezza – Morningside, Johannesburg

This one is for the lad and lasses. If you love visiting the salon with your man then this ultra-cool salon is the spot for you. The salon is owned and run by hair stylist, Dustin and is the result of years of planning and passion from Dustin and his team. Trust me when I say that you have never, ever seen a hair salon quite like this. Every little detail has been considered and when I visited I couldn’t get enough of the modern, steampunk inspired decor of the spot.


Clients at Bellezza are treated to the ultimate in pampering and relaxation with beautifully stylish recliner chairs at the basins (which means no more cricks in the neck!) and a variety of sweet treats and cold and hot drinks (including beers for the boys) on offer there’s nothing they haven’t thought of. I also love that the salon is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It can be found on the top level of an exclusive lifestyle centre and owner Dustin was hell-bent on turning it into a destination salon where customers can come to relax.


And, for clients who struggle to fit salon visits into their busy scheudles, Bellezza offers super flexible operating times. The salon is open from 09:00 -17:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 09:00 – 20:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays – now that’s conveneint!

Click here to visit their website.

Booksy app both available on app and desktop can help you to book any of the above hair salons in Cape Town & Johannesburg. And for more deals and specials on barbers and salons, check out Wise Barber.

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  • Hi Crystal, one you haven’t got on the list – and it’s my fav in the whole of SA, is Mario’s in Green Point! They’ve just opened a branch at the Mount Nelson hotel and also have one in the southern suburbs. Mario is absolutely fabulous and I have never had highlights the way he does them. His salons are all about superior experience and he and his staff are super friendly and the interior decor, which he updates every few years is just superb! He should definitely be on this list! 🙂

    • Oh, by the way, I went to Pink years ago when I lived in CT and Marisa is really great! A friend of mine has been loyal to Marisa for about 7 years and she absolutely loves her!

      I havent yet (after 2 years and 3 different salons) found my Joburg go-to person yet, but am going to give Fugo and Sculpt a go – thanks for your recommendations! 🙂

      • Hi Kristin – you’re so right, Marios is an absolute dream! I wasn’t aware of the salon when we put this list together but it definitely needs to be added to the list. I hope you find your go-to salon in JHB soon. I adore Fugo and hope you love it too!

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