Celebrate World Cucumber Day with Hendrick’s Gin

World Cucumber Day with Hendricks Gin

Has the state of the world got you down? Chin up old chap, the 14th of June is World Cucumber Day — the day on which we humbly pay homage to the cucumber; that illustrious fruit that for centuries has been celebrated for its exceptional versatility. This year Hendrick’s Gin, in partnership with three leading venues in South Africa, will be presenting the fruit in a Victorian greenhouse inspired chamber fit for the cucumber’s prestigious position — the Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Chiller.

Until 17 June, the three chosen partners will all offer Hendrick’s Gin cocktail specials including a glorious list of Hendrick’s tipples all featuring cucumber that has been housed within the Cucumber Chiller — which will be on display at the following venues:

World Cucumber Day with Hendricks Gin

Cape Town: The Leopard Bar at the 12 Apostles in Camps Bay
Johannesburg: Cin Cin Bar in Bedfordview
Durban: 14 on Chartwell in Umhlanga

The English Cucumber is of particular importance to Hendrick’s Gin as it is one of the two infusions that provide the world’s most unusual gin with its unique flavour. Without the English Cucumber, we would not have Hendrick’s Gin, hence the extremity of the brand’s adoration for the fruit.

In celebration of World Cucumber Day on 14 June, Hendrick’s is inviting all gin connoisseurs to visit a participating venue near you; and while enjoying a gloriously unusual Hendrick’s Gin cocktail join them in exclaiming, “I vow to keep my head bold, and my cucumber cool”.

The Leopard Bar at the 12 Apostles in Camps Bay

The Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Day Experience

I popped into The Leopard Bar at the 12 Apostles in Camps Bay to experience the Hendrick’s World Cucumber Day festivities and thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of indulging in the peculiar with the world’s most unusual gin. On our way to our table, we were ushered past the hallowed Hendrick’s Gin cucumber chiller, and the star of the show this World Cucumber Day. Our host explained that the chiller keeps the cucumbers at the perfect temperature (between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius), so that when they make your Hendrick’s Gin cocktail, the flavour of the garnish is perfect.

Given pride of place in The Leopard Lounge, the grandiose chiller is unlike anything I have ever seen and truly emphasises Hendrick’s commitment to the cucumber and ensuring a truly unique guest experience. As a brand, Hendrick’s is known for embracing the unusual and always going the extra mile to give Hendrick’s drinkers a special experience, whether they’re enjoying the gin in the comfort of their own home, or at a bar or restaurant. For the World Cucumber Day celebrations, the Hendricks team have once again outdone themselves.

World Cucumber Day with Hendricks Gin

This World Cucumber Day, the Leopard Bar is offering a range of Hendrick’s Gin cocktails to enjoy, all celebrating the humble cucumber and the unique flavour of Hendrick’s Gin. The boyfriend and I opted for the Hendrick’s Perfect Pour G&T served with rose water sweets and cucumber water infused marshmallows.

Served on a marble plate garnished with the accompanying sweets and rose petals the drink elevates the simple G&T to new heights. The sweets have been designed to increase the versatility of the classic Hendrick’s G&T and can be enjoyed with the cocktail to enhance the flavours in each sip. Adding to the theatricality of it all, we were presented with a perfectly chilled cucumber on a silver tray which was then sliced in front of us and gently added to our G&T. They weren’t joking when they called it ‘the perfect serve’.

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World Cucumber Day with Hendricks Gin

It may all sound a bit extra, but it’s oh so fun, and why shouldn’t we indulge in a bit of luxury and excitement every now and then? If you love Hendrick’s gin and need a bit of excitement in your life after more than a year of lockdown then I would highly recommend popping to a participating venue for the Hendrick’s World Cucumber Day experience.

Facts about the cucumber

During the experience, we were also treated to some interesting facts about cucumbers. Hendrick’s Gin is an unusual, small batch, premium gin from Scotland, infused with English cucumber and Bulgarian rose.

In addition to being vital in the creation of the World’s most unusual gin, cucumbers are also said to ward off hangovers; aid in weight loss; freshen breathe; as well as act as a pest repellent against vipers, mice, wood lice, fish-moths, grubs and slugs. Cucumbers have also been variously recommended as shoe polish, mirror defogger, pen/marker eraser, and sink, drain and stainless steel cleaner. Now you know!

For more information follow Hendrick’s Gin South Africa on social media at @hendricksginsa and #HendricksGinSA. Please enjoy the unusual responsibly.

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