The New Veaudry iStyler: A Little Styler with a Big Heart [Review]

Veaudry iStyler

Ladies, I am totally butt crazy in love with my flat iron. The love is so deep that I always have a styler on hand to keep my curly locks in check. I’m that girl that lugs her flat iron everywhere with her and then annoys my host by asking if they have a two-prong plug I can use. The only problem with my fancy pants flat iron is the fact that it’s pretty bulky and I often have to sacrifice an extra pair of shoes in order to fit my flat iron (the struggle is real). I know what you’re thinking though; “Ummm, There’s a thing called a travel styler .” I know but to be perfectly honest I haven’t yet found a travel styler that really matches up to my big, bulky flat iron and I wasn’t willing to use a mediocre styler just for the sake of saving space. Which brings me to my latest discovery; the new Veaudry iStyler – this little styler packs a big punch and is gearing up to be my bestest friend and most trusted travel companion!

David Takes on Goliath

As I said, I have naturally curly hair, but I tend to wear it straight most days … because life. When my hair is straight I can just brush and go, but having curly locks takes time and lots of work and I don’t have the patience for that. I love to keep my look as low maintenance as possible and since I have curly, thick textured hair I can get away with only washing my hair twice a week. Which also means I can get away with only flat ironing my hair twice a week – if I have the right tools of course. Veaudry’s iStyler impressed me because it has all the features of my fancy pants, trusted flat iron and more! The iStyler is only fractionally smaller than its bigger sister, the Veaudry myStyler and features 2.5 cm wide floating Tourmaline Ceramic plates, which heat up quickly (approximately 14 seconds) and offer a maximum temperature of 200 degrees celsius. It’s light and compact which means it will save you space and weight in your suitcase (great news for ladies who are so over fighting with the flight attendant about the weight of your carry-on bag).

Veaudry iStyler

Hot Hot Heat

I was not only impressed at how quickly the plates heated up but also by how slowly the heat permeated to the outside of the styler, making it super easy to work with. I had the styler on for quite a while and because of its compact size I was able to get to my roots and the annoying tiny baby hairs on my hairline very easily and without burning myself. The outside of the styler stays relatively cool to the touch for long enough for you to target the hairline with ease. And trust me, I have had my fair share of close encounters with a styler being too close to my face. The Tourmaline Ceramic plates are also quite something and help to lock in moisture and leave your locks shiny and soft.

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Best Friends For Ever!

The super cute iStyler is a great choice for ladies with shorter hair as well as those who travel often and want a compact flat iron they can just slip into their carry-on luggage. I have very long hair and found that I could easily style my hair with this little flat iron. I’ve used it to flat iron from curly, to create waves and other styles in my hair and to touch up my roots when I’ve needed to extend the shelf live of a blow-dry. Another super cool feature, both for travelling and home use is the iStyler’s crazy long, 3-meter professional length cord. When traveling with this little guy there’s no more worrying about finding a mirror and two-prong plug right next to each other because you’ve got cord for days!

The new Veaudry iStyler is available online from online beauty store, Retail Box and is priced at R1190. Click here to buy it now.

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