5 Ways to Survive Load-Shedding


Let’s face it, load shedding is currently the bane of our existence! We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been enjoying an episode of our favourite TV show or been mid blow-dry only to have the power go off. It’s enough to drive you crazy! But, instead of tearing your hair out there are a few ways that you can get ready for load-shedding so it doesn’t feel like everything needs to come to a stand-still for the next 2 -4 hours. Here are 5 simple ways to survive the dreaded load-shedding.

1. Stay in charge 

Invest in a good backup mobile charging device. There are few great power bricks on the market that will allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time and charge your device more than once. We love the  Energizer 5000mAh power pack (R589 from Cellularmall.co.za) because it allows you to charge up to 3 devices at once and gives you multiple charges. It’s also lightweight and the same size as most smartphones making it easy to carry around with you!

2. Keep the lights on

If the lights go off after dark then you will want something a little safer than a candle to give you light. Candles can be a major fire hazard if you forget to blow them out when the lights come on or if you knock them over. Avoid all the fuss of groping around in the dark for the matches and invest in a solar light instead! They’re easy to charge (just pop it outside during the day) and turn it on when you need it most. We love the Mooni Solar Lantern (R140 from Sustainable.co.za) because it gives off a beautiful glow and comes with a carrying handle making it’s easy to take anywhere. The lantern is also made from a durable plastic and is safe for kids rooms and won’t break if knocked over.

3. Cook up a Storm

Being stuck with no electricity shouldn’t mean you have to rely on unhealthy takeaways. Invest in a camping stove and you’ll always have the power to cook up a storm for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We love the Kovea Scout Piezo Stove (R499 from Cape Union Mart) because it’s small and easy to store in the cupboard for when you need it most. The little stove is perfect for cooking up a meal for 1 or 2 people and can handle everything from a frying pan for bacon and eggs to a medium sized pot for a delicious pasta.

4. Be a Busy Body

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Use this time to do things that you have been putting off. If your power goes off during the day and you’re at home then use this uninterrupted time to do some household chores. Otherwise keep a supply of books, board games and playing cards on hand to keep you and your family amused during load-shedding.

5. Save your Fridge

If you’re worried about your meat and other things in your fridge thawing when the power goes out then add a few bottles of water in-between the products in your freezer. You can take them out of the frezeer when the power goes and put them in your fridge to keep food cold until the power comes back on or use them to help prevent your frozen meat from thawing.

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