Load-shedding Solutions On a Budget

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Let’s face it; load-shedding is pretty much the worst thing ever! While candles might seem like the best and most affordable idea when the lights go out they’re not exactly the most practical or sustainable. Of course, buying a generator or a fancy pants solar light can cost a pretty penny but what if we told you that you could get a sustainable lighting or cooking solution for under R200? For real! So, if you’re student on a budget or just loathe to spend a fortune on back-up lighting and other goodies because Eskom are a bunch of na-nas then keep reading!

1. Pop-up Lantern:

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine! The adorble pop-up lantern is proof that dynamite comes in small packages. At just R108 it’s super affordable and provides an impressive amount of light when you consider its tiny size. The lantern features three different light settings (light, dim and strobe) and boasts 20 000 hours of LED light.

2. Chochin Solar Light:

This striking light is modeled on the Chochin Japanese lantern and provides a sense of warmth, light and peace in your space. At just R140 this light adds a touch of sophistication to your home and has a handle for hanging and carrying around.

3. Everlight Solar Lights:

This solar powered light packs a serious punch and can shine for up to 90 hours one just one charge! At just R100 the Everlight takes 12 hours to charge, is water resistant and has a handle and S hanging hook.

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4. Small Hot Bag Eco Cooker:

Don’t you hate it when you get caught by load-shedding right in the middle of cooking a delicious meal? With the Eco Cooker by your side you will never go hungry again! At just R179 this little guy cooks food using trapped heat. After boiling is done using traditional cooking methods the hot bag will do the rest. The bag reduces stove time by 2 thirds and is a great way to cook, keep plates warm and warm food on the go.

All 4 of these fabulous gadgets can be seen in the picture above and are available from Sustainable.co.za.

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