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Bra Guru

Ladies, we all know the power of wearing a good fitting bra but how many of us actually listen to this advice? I know I can be super lazy when it comes to bra shopping – I ‘know’ my size so when I go underwear shopping I simply head to the racks, grab my size and go. I’m sure loads of you ladies out there do exactly the same thing – don’t deny it I see you! What I didn’t realise is that I am doing myself a huge injustice when I do this and it took the advice of the Bra Guru herself to make me commit to only wearing the best bras for my body. Here’s why you need to check out this absolutely stunning bra fitment studio in Joburg super soon!

Bra GuruLocated in Hyde Park The Bra Guru is your personal bra fitting specialist. Owned and run by Taryn Palacios this studio is unlike any other in Joburg – it’s absolutely beautiful and stocks some of the most incredible range of bras you will ever come across in South Africa. Stepping into the studio for the first time I was blown away; soothing greens juxtaposed with accents of silver and natural, earthy tones come together to create an elegant studio that feels like home (if your home is elegance personified that is!) I can’t think of a more relaxing and calm space to try on bras.

Bra GuruOf course, along with the fabulous decor, owner Taryn also contributes to making you feel right at home in the studio. The studio offers shoppers two elegantly decorated fitting rooms where they can have a personalised bra fitting session with Taryn. Each room has a separate changing area where shy lasses can get their kit off and try on bras or if you’re brave you can just try on each bra with Taryn in front of the mirror (trust me, it’s a lot quicker and Taryn makes you feel extremely comfortable). Taryn started the bra studio when she realised that there was a gap in the market for a bra specialist in Joburg and after just one session with her you will feel like you’re in the best hands. In fact a session with Taryn almost feels like you’re under the care of a health professional, she is kind, comforting and really cares about each one of her customers that walks through her doors.

Bra Guru

The Bra Guru carries a range of gorgeous imported bras for all breast types and sizes up to an H cup! I must say; I enjoyed my fitting so much I can’t wait to go back and get fitted again. I tried on quite a few bras in different styles and I was shocked to see that almost every one was a different size. Taryn helped me find the perfect fit in each bra and then let me try my shirt on over it again to see what it looks like with clothes on. I was shocked at the difference! Taryn helped me find the perfect flesh-coloured bra, the ideal T-shirt bra and the sassiest lacy bra I have ever worn. Each piece looked like it was made for my body and I would’ve have given a limb to take them all home with me.

Bra Guru

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Of course, because the bras are imported and of such high quality they don’t come cheap – the bras in the studio start from about R900 and while they might seem expensive it definitely needs to be treated as an investment. Tracy encourages her customers to start a bra fund and build their collection as their budget allows. I love that she doesn’t push a sale on her customers after fittings as she wants them to be super comfortable with their purchases. Fitting sessions are free and customers are encouraged to go home and think their purchase over or save up a little bit more before going home with their dream bra. Taryn also advises customers to start with one good bra a year (as the bra will last you ages and ages if you look after it properly) and build up your collection slowly. She explained that a good T-shirt bra or a really amazing sports bra should be the first choice for any woman when starting their Bra Guru collection.

For more information on the Bra Guru and their location visit the Bra Guru website and say Hi to Bra Guru on Facebook.

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