Add a Splash of Fun to Your Workouts with Colour Tribe Leggings [Review]

Colour Tribe

Remember the days when your workout wardrobe was made up of nothing but old rags? You know, the you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anywhere else but the gym? My workout-clothes shelf used to be filled with old, washed-out T-shirts and a few pairs of bootleg workout pants that also doubled as pyjama pants (the horror). But, these days, I’m all about breaking a sweat in fun, stylish clothes. Why the change of heart? As it turns out, wearing beautiful gym clothes while I’m sweating like a pig really helps lift my mood and inspires me to be active. While my every day style is very classic and practical, my gym style is all about fun and colour. I especially love leggings with bold prints so you can imagine my delight when I discovered local online store, Colour Tribe. Inspiration and colour is a big part of the Colour Tribe brand and their yoga and gym leggings prove that gym clothes don’t have to be boring.

With a wide selection of gym and yoga leggings to choose from, Colour Tribe is a haven for active gals looking to make a statement while injecting a little bit of fun into their workouts. Colour and bold geometric prints take centre-stage on the virtual shelves of this online store which offers health conscious types a way to express themselves in the gym. While most of the leggings available are ideal for all sorts of workouts and forms of exercise, Colour Tribe also offers more specialised leggings geared towards low-intensity workouts like yoga or pilates. And, for true leggings fanatics (admit it, we all live in our most comfortable leggings), the store even offers leggings for ‘rest’ days, when you just want to hang out in your active wear.

Colour Tribe

I’ve been wearing the Colour Tribe leggings to gym and yoga for just over two months now and absolutely love them to bits! I really put the Colour Tribe Active Leggings to the test, donning them in HIIT, functional training, and yoga classes and was super impressed at how they performed. Designed for performance, these high-waist leggings offer an exceptional fit. They’re super comfortable, but they also stay put (there’s nothing worse than leggings that are constantly slipping down). Best of all, they survived the most important test when it comes to gym leggings — the squat test. Even some of the most premium sports brand leggings go completely see-through when you’re doing squats but the material used to craft these super soft leggings is thick enough to ensure you don’t give the entire gym a view of your unmentionables every time you squat.

I’ve also been testing out the Colour Tribe Galactic Totem Yogi Melt Leggings which are nothing short of amazing. These insanely soft leggings are crafted with a special blend of polyester and elastine to create an Alcantara suede-like feeling and are available in two super fun prints. Wearing these leggings feels a little bit like being wrapped in a soft, fluffy cloud and I’m convinced they make me feel even more relaxed and chilled out during yoga sessions. Even if you don’t do yoga, you’ll want to buy a pair of these just to hang out in at home. The soft-touch material is quite warm, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing them to a hot yoga class, but they’re great for regular yoga or winter nights spent lazing on the couch. These high-waisted leggings also passed the squat test, giving you peace of mind to put your all into your downward dog.

Colour Tribe

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Perhaps the best thing about Colour Tribe is that they’re dedicated to bringing active gals value for money and excellent quality. These clothes won’t snag or fade after a few washes and the affordable price-tags mean that you can invest in a few pairs to make your workout wardrobe really pop.

Visit Colour Tribe online now and grab a pair of the Yogi Melt leggings for R250 a pair and a pair of Active Leggings for R220 a pair

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