Audi South Africa Launches Affordable Service Plan for Older Vehicles

AudiSmart Service

Great news for Audi drivers in South Africa, the manufacturer is throwing Audi owners a much-needed lifeline in the form of a new affordable service plan for older vehicles. Available at an affordable price, the new AudiSmart Service plan is sure to help many Audi drivers in South Africa keep their car running in tip-top condition for years to come while they wait to upgrade to a shiny new model.

With South Africa’s Coronavirus lockdown nearing the four-month mark, the pandemic has had a devastating effect on the South African economy. Many consumers have been tightening their belts and putting off unnecessary expenditure. Many vehicle owners have delayed upgrading to a newer model and are even down-grading their vehicles to keep up with vehicle maintenance expenses like services and insurance payments. The innovative new offering from Audi could be the answer to helping consumers keep their vehicle running smoothly while they wait for their financial situation to stabilise again before making the decision to upgrade.

Breathe new life into an older car

Audi A3  2013

The plan is applicable to all Audi models which are 6 to 13 years old, and that fall outside the standard Audi Freeway Plan (within a maximum mileage threshold of 270 000 KM) or Freeway Plan Extension. This progressive new plan includes cover for two years and/or 30 000 KM (whichever occurs first) and includes two minor oil change services at an approved Audi Dealership at a significantly discounted price.

Besides the obvious savings, the AudiSmart Service offers Audi drivers peace of mind by ensuring that only trained Audi technicians will maintain the vehicle, according to the highest standards of Audi’s service excellence. Further to this, only genuine Audi parts, specialised Audi equipment and diagnostic tools will be used in servicing the car. The plan can also be topped up at any Audi Dealership in order to cover a major service need. As part of a value-added service to this package, the AudiSmart Service plan also includes comprehensive roadside assistance (Audi Assist) as an added benefit.

Benefits of the plan


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There are many, older Audi vehicles on South African roads which are not covered by the Audi Freeway Plan or Freeway Plan Extension and this new offering aims to help Audi lovers keep their vehicle in the best condition possible. Thereby ensuring their safety on the roads while also maintaining the vehicle’s resale value.

“The AudiSmart Service offering allows older Audi models to continue being serviced or return their servicing history at a franchised Audi Dealership which prides itself in offering the best and most comprehensive care for an Audi, said Hassan Salie, Head of Aftersales and Dealer Development at Audi South Africa.

AudiSmart Service plans retail from R4,800 and are available at any Audi Dealership around South Africa. The newly launched plan is part of the Audi South Africa’s suite of service and maintenance options within the Audi Freeway Plan (5 years and/or 100 000 KM) and Freeway Plan Extension (10 years and/or 300 00 KM) portfolio. These products are all available to Audi drivers throughout their various ownership cycles.

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