Why You Should Live By The Quote “In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind”

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If there is anything you should be in this life it is kind, and here are a few reasons why. First, it makes you more attractive to others. Personally I want to be friends and work with people who are kind. Second, being kind makes your day, more than having others be kind to you.

The third reason to be kind is that it can help you to get better and stay better. You can not necessarily change your circumstances in life but you can absolutely change your outlook on life. Another reason is that being kind will not keep you up at night.

Be More Attractive to Others

One advantage I feel to being kind is that it makes you more attractive to others, and not just in the romantic sense. People want to be friends and business partners with those who make them feel good.
What’s more, those who are kind are less likely to bully and be bullied by others. When you are kind you are building others up instead of tearing them down.

The next reason I feel that it is to be kind to others is that people may forget what you say or did, they may forget your name or face but they will never forget how you made them feel. When it comes to first impressions people really notice if you are cheerful and enthusiastic or the opposite. You never know who that person that you run into is, they could be your future boss or your future spouse.

Everyone has a special someone in their life that they met at one point. You can always meet new people but it is a small world and you cannot make the first impression a second time. People mainly remember things that happened first and the things that happened last. You have a limited time to impress others around you.

Give the Gift of Happiness

There are have been studies find that have shown that giving a gift feels better than receiving one, and that waiting for a holiday such as Christmas is more fun than actual Christmas day. It has even been found that giving others gifts feel good and spending money on oneself has no effect on mood.

What I suggest is plan how you are going to do nice things for others, such as throwing your parents an anniversary party or rewarding your kids when they are well behaved. Or get creative and buy them a be kind t shirt.

Another reason to be kind is that it can be a cure for sickness. Ok, not really, but there are people who have made it through calamities such as poverty and cancer because they had a positive outlook on life.

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Get Better Faster

If you want, think of this as an inexpensive placebo, for instance, if you have a reason that you don’t want to get sick or be sick, or feel bad then you are less likely to feel sick or bad. Being nice to other people can be a reason to live in and of itself. Personally I like to be around other people. It is what gives me a point and purpose in life.

I think that it is important to be kind even when others are mean to you and this causes you to have a bad day because, for one thing, you are not going to get any better until you put your best foot forward

Get Better Sleep

Another thing is that if someone is mean to you do you really want to be thinking about them and have memories of them keep you up at night when conversely they are not staying up late and having trouble sleeping because they were mean to you. Well, maybe they were but probably not and you will never know anyway.

Besides that, if you are kind to others then you will always remember that time that you did something nice for someone, instead of remembering those embarrassing moments that cause you to get down. All in all, when you are kind to others, they are less likely to be mean to you.

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