Calm & Treat Irritated & Red Skin with Optiphi’s Ageless Activegel [Review]

Optiphi Ageless Active Gel

Forget resting bitch face, I’m one of those lucky few people who has been blessed with what I like to call “resting flushed face”. My skin is constantly red and almost every skin consultation I’ve ever had has highlighted the fact that my skin is easily irritated and that I struggle with redness and hydration issues. But recently I went for a skin consultation and was shocked when, after a thorough examination with a fancy-pants skin scanner machine, the therapist informed me that, I got an “A” for hydration, skin elasticity, and hydration and she didn’t even list redness or irritation as a concern for treatment. As it turns out, the secret to my skin transformation is all thanks to Optiphi and their rather incredible Ageless Activegel.

Listen, I’ve been for loads of skin consultations in my life and no matter what top of the range products I’ve been using on my skin the results have always been the same. When the therapist first gave me my results and told me my skin was in an amazing condition I was convinced she’d mixed up my results with someone else’s. I started racking my brain to think about what I’d done differently and then it dawned on me that I recently changed my skincare regime adding the Optiphi Facial Cleanser and Ageless Activegel to my usual routine. My moisturiser was the same as always and from the results from this skin analysis, it appears that Optiphi is indeed helping to keep my hydration levels at almost perfect levels and curbing my redness.

Optiphi Ageless Active Gel

But it’s not just the results of that skin scan that have me convinced, my skin has been feeling and looking loads better since I started using the products 8 weeks ago. I have noticed the reduction in my dreaded “resting flushed face” and my skin isn’t nearly as reactive as it used to be. My skin feels hydrated, plump, and soft and gone are the days of feeling that horrible tightness after applying my moisturiser.

My new skincare regime is a pretty simple one and involves only three products – the Optiphi Facial Cleanser (multi-functional cleanser which not only gently purifies, but also acts as a mild exfoliator and pH balanced toner), Optiphi Facial Ageless Activegel (both from the Optiphi Active Range), and Esse Ultra Moisturiser. It’s the easiest regime in the history of ever and I’m getting in and out of the bathroom so much quicker every morning and night.

Optiphi Facial Cleanser

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The Optiphi Facial Cleanser is a great product because it not only acts as a cleanser, toner, and mild exfoliator but it can also be used as a makeup remover and shaving gel (for gents). Salicylic Acid, which targets problematic and uneven skin while also calming and desensitizing the skin, allows for deep cleansing and light exfoliating when cleansing. Formulated at an ideal pH of 5.5, the soap-free cleanser restores balance to the skin and supports the barrier function to prevent water loss and protect the skin from irritants. I also love that you can use this cleanser as a mask once a week – simply leave it on for 5-minutes (or overnight as a spot treatment) and rinse off to reveal beautifully soft and clear skin.

As for the star of the show, the Ageless Activegel, this comforting gel significantly improves skin tone, colour and radiance by supporting circulation through the use of Hesperidin. The gel helps to calm the skin and reduce redness and is recommended for irritated, sensitive and red skin. It can be applied before your moisturiser as a serum and can also be used as an aftershave gel and moisturizer for men or as an after sun when you’re skin needs soothing after a long day spent in the sun (just pop it in the fridge to cool and then apply!). The bottle has a pump action application and one pump is all you need, morning and night.

The Optiphi Active Range Facial Cleanser (R513) and Ageless Activegel (R1140) are both available from select beauty salons and spas nationwide. For more information visit the Optiphi website.

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