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Daily Dish

I am no Nigella Lawson. In fact, I’m probably the furthest thing from the unofficial goddess of cooking. I really, really wish that I could swan about the kitchen, from stove to fridge, to chopping board, to skillet like the legendary Nigella but I fear that if I attempted to move and cook like her, then most of the ingredients would end up on the kitchen floor rather than in the pots and on the plate where they should be. If you’re embarrassed about your lack of competence in the kitchen then try being a food journalist, like me, who blushes every time I have to admit to people that I probably shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen unsupervised. I do, of course, follow up said explanation by pointing out that I taste food for a living, which requires almost no culinary talent at all. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn to cook, I do! Which is why I am loving Daily Dish at the moment, the food delivery service is all about helping people gain confidence in the kitchen and is pretty much the easiest way for anyone to learn to cook – even culinary-challenged food journalists!

Daily Dish helps busy people learn to cook and enjoy delicious, healthy meals in the week without having to worry about popping to the shops for ingredients or knowing anything about cooking at all really. Which is what makes it so flipping brilliant. With Daily Dish, if you can read a recipe, then you can cook. Imagine how easy it would be to learn to be a great cook if every week a professional chef planned your dinners for the week, bought all the ingredients for you, and then held your hand guiding you through each step of the recipe? That’s Daily Dish! Except the ‘professional chef’ is more like an omnipotent, all-knowing virtual presence rather than a physical person. I like to refer to it as ‘learning to cook for dummies’ because it really is so simple even I can do it.

Daily Dish Steak recipe

I’ve attended loads of cooking classes over the years but none of them have made me love cooking and being in the kitchen quite like Daily Dish. Maybe it’s because I’m free to make mistakes and be a klutz in the kitchen without anyone there to judge me, or maybe it’s because I know that the recipes are almost idiot proof but still make me feel a little like Nigella Lawson, even if only for 30 minutes or so. Either way, the recipes and ingredients that arrive at your door every week are not intimidating or overly fancy-pants yet they result in completely edible (in fact, they’re delicious), masterpieces that I can’t believe came from my kitchen.

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So how does it work? Simply order a Daily Dish box before Wednesday morning (11am) each week, and the next Monday they’ll drop off a box containing all the ingredients and recipes you need for four meals for one, two, or four people for the week. It’s the perfect solution for singletons, families, or couples who want to stay healthy and learn to cook together – whether you want to cook together as a family or struggle it out alone in the kitchen.

Daily Dish allows you to choose from 6 different menus including the Solo Box, Classic, Banting, Pork-free, and Vegetarian. The Solo box is R389 per week and the other boxes start from R660 – click here to find out more and explore the menus on offer. Daily Dish is currently also offering a special deal for first time Daily Dishers – click here to get R100 off your first Solo box or R250 off a box for two people or more! You can also say Hi to Daily Dish on Facebookand Twitter.

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