Devil’s Peak Brewing Company Launches Delicious New Lager [Review]

Devil's Peak Lager

A pioneer in South Africa’s craft beer industry, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company has become one of the biggest craft beer breweries in the country, and the producers of our beloved golden nectar is preparing to launch its highly anticipated craft lager – a flavoursome, high-quality version of the age-old traditional German beer, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on it for a little sneak-peek taste.

Devil's Peak Lager

According to Devil’s Peak, the new Lager features a “clean, crisp malt nose, enhanced by the mild, spicy and slightly floral aroma often associated with the famous Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops used in Bavarian-style lager beers.”

We had to double-check this. You know, for “research purposes”.

The lager itself is incredibly easy to drink, which came as surprise, as we have found many craft lagers to be a lot heavier and bitter than the more accessible and flavoursome IPAs and Weiss beers, especially once your palette has become accustomed to a few one a night out. It is light, has a surprisingly low-bitterness and paired awesomely with a burger, which is a win-win in any situation.

Devil's Peak Lager

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Devil’s Peak Lager definitely ticks the boxes and lives up to its description, which is a refreshing and welcomed change to the heavy craft beer scene.

The Lager is set to appear in 340ml bottles from mid-August through leading retail outlets nationally, as well as at The Taproom at DPBC in Cape Town and at Wolfpack in Johannesburg, and will also be available in cans in the foreseeable future.

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