How fit is your skin? While many of us pay close attention to keeping our bodies fit and monitoring our progress with all sorts of fitness tracking devices, when it comes to our skin, we’re often just guestimating how healthy our skin is. Most of my skincare routine is based on the look and feel of my skin. If it’s red often, I reach for products that reduce redness and inflammation. If it’s dry or dehydrated, I amp up the hydrating treatments. This method of skincare has generally worked for me, but I’ve always wished there was a way to track my progress and get more measurable results. My current ‘spray-and-pray’ method isn’t the most effective and I do waste a lot of time and money trying out products that don’t work for me. But Sorbet’s newest skincare offering, 365 Skin Workout aims to change all that by focussing on skin fitness and accurate results tracking.

Developed in Barcelona and produced in South Africa, 365-Skin Workout by Sorbet is a premium results-driven skincare range specifically designed for South African skins. The brainchild of Petru van Zyl and developed in association with renowned cosmetic formulator, Professor Aubrey Parsons, this new range of ‘multi-cosmeceutical’ products is indeed something to get excited about. Available exclusively at Sorbet salons, 365 Skin Workout is sure to make a big splash on the skincare scene this year. Rather than trying to win over clients with buzz words and trendy ingredients, 365 Skin Workout takes a targeted approach to skincare by helping clients reach their skin fitness goals in a measurable way.

365 Skin Workout

The 365 Skin Workout Scan.

The 365 Skin Workout journey starts with a visit to the 365 skin scanner. This Slim Skin Analysis System is used in Sorbet salons to capture images of the face from different angles and assess the condition of the skin. These images can then be used to determine conditions like damage from UV radiation, wrinkles, hydration levels, and underlying pigmentation. Sorbet clients will undergo the 15-minute skin scan when booking a 30- or 60-minute 365 Skin facial treatment. Once you’ve got an accurate breakdown of your biggest skincare concerns, the results of the scan are then used to pair clients with a tailored 365 Homecare Skin Kit and facial treatment to suit their skin fitness level.

There are five 365 Homecare Skin Kits, each designed to target specific skin concerns. These include the Renew kit (for ageing skin), Bright kit (for hyper-pigmented skin), Restore kit (for sensitive skin), Balance kit (for problematic skin), and Healthy kit (for all skin types). The kits each contain four 365 Homecare products to help you maintain the results from your facial and treat your most pertinent skin concerns. While each kit can help target different concerns, the products are formulated with the same base active ingredients to ensure the skin stays in tip-top shape no matter which kit you’re using.

365 Skin Workout

Key active ingredients included in the 365-Skin Workout formulations include Alpine willow herb extract (to help prevent oily skin and assist with pore size reduction), Bright 7 complex (packed with seven different melanin inhibitors to address pigmentation), and Mallow extract (to help soothe sensitive skin). What’s more, the range has been developed to have a similar molecular structure to the skin, helping ensure these ingredients are effectively delivered to the epidermis and giving you powerful, visible results.

I got the chance to try the skin scan and was recommended a range of products to try based on my results. The scan was an incredible way to get real feedback on my skin and what it needs. It was definitely an eye-opener for me and I found out all sorts of valuable information about my skin that I otherwise would not have known. For example, the scans picked up that I had quite a lot of underlying sun damage which will likely lead to pigmentation down the road. Based on this result I can now treat this underlying pigmentation to ensure it doesn’t rear its ugly head in a few years time.

365 Skin Workout

Thus far I’ve tried a limited range of products from the range including the 365 Skin Workout Specialised Active Eye Cream (R610), Instant Hydrating Mask (R595), and Defence 30+ SPF (R585). The Instant Hydrating Mask and the Defence SPF30+ are my favourite products of the three.

The moisturising mask is infused with hyaluronic acid to help reduce water loss and replenish skin lipids. A great way to treat dry or dehydrated skin in a flash, this hydrating mask takes just 3 minutes to work its magic and leaves skin feeling soft, plump, and hydrated.

365 Skin Workout

I also love the Defence 30+ SPF facial sunscreen. While many daily sunscreens can be thick and heavy, this formulation is light and silky and applies more like a nourishing lotion rather than a gloopy pore-blocking sunscreen. The product’s soft, silky texture means it’s ideal for wearing under makeup every day. Rich in antioxidants, this divine sunscreen absorbs into the skin super fast and is just the thing for protecting your skin against the sun and elements.

Of course, the best thing about these products is that they’re not just about making your skin look and feel great for a brief period after applying. Coupled with regular results-driven skin scans, the range is designed to deliver results you can visibly see and track over time. If you’ve got a specific concern and want to tackle it head-on then this new range is definitely worth a try.

For more information on the 365 Skin Workout range visit the Sorbet website.

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