Even with so many great curling tools on the market, curling your own hair at home can still be a tricky task. But now, luckily for the hair styling-challenged of us out there, ghd has just launched a brand-new kind of styling tool. Best known for revolutionising the straightening iron, ghd has put seven years of research and development into a new curling tool that promises to finally tackle all the pain points of curling your own hair. Developed to help you create perfect waves and curls in a flash, will the ghd Oracle be your new favourite hair styling tool?

The ghd Oracle looks like a cross between a crimper and a straightener, but it’s neither of those things. While this new tool isn’t ghd’s first attempt at launching a curling tool, the brand already offers a few curling tongs and wands in its extensive range, the Oracle is its most innovative curling tool yet and will help you create long-lasting curls, on all hair types, in just one stroke.

 ghd Oracle

The Oracle’s special U-shaped heated plates are ideal for creating effortless waves, and were specially designed in collaboration with Adam Reed, ghd’s Global Ambassador and stylist extraordinaire. Reed consulted on the design to ensure that these heated plates created the ideal bend, no matter the angle you place the tool at, a common problem when attempting to curl your own hair with a hair iron.

To start curling you simply take a section of hair, and run the tool over the hair as you would if you were straightening your hair. Depending on how you move the tool (either rotating, twisting, or simply clamping and releasing), you get a beachy wave, a loose crimp or a Hollywood curl. There’s also a ‘cool plate’ on the outside of the plate head that sets the style.

“Just think of it like you’re curling a ribbon with scissors, but without damaging your hair, of course,” explained Reed. “Just by changing the angle of the Oracle, you can create different looks just like you would with a classic tong or wand.”

For now the ghd Oracle is exclusively available at ghd oracle partner salons. According to Tosca Hair & Beauty, the tool is available at all of its salons at a recommended price of R3,300. For more stockist information visit the ghd South Africa website.

Want to know more? Check out the video below for a sneak peek at the new tool.

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