Join Zac Efron & Baywatch Co-Star, Alexandra Daddario for a Core-Crushing Ab Workout at Home [Watch]

Zac Efron Gym Time

If you’ve watched 2017’s star-packed Baywatch reboot you are no doubt aware of the thirst trap that is Zac Efron’s abs. While nice to look at, Zac Efron’s abs are also an inspiration to any fitness fanatic who dreams of sculpting a mid-section so ripped you can grate cheese on it. Luckily Efron isn’t shy to share his core-shredding secrets with the world and his latest instalment of his popular “Gym Time” YouTube series features a killer abdominal workout with Baywatch co-star Alexandra Daddario.

Whether you’re looking to take a page out of Efron’s book and work on developing your mid-section or just want to watch two smoking hot celebrities sweat it out, this workout video is definitely worth a watch.

For the video Zac and Alexandra visit LA’s Vitru gym with trainer Johnny Fontana who has them sweating it out with ab killers like the dead bug, hollow hold, medicine ball Russian twists, and medicine ball crunches.

For those not so interested in following along for the workout, the video also offers some insight into the crazy Baywatch fitness regimen the cast had to adhere to before and during filming.

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Watch the full episode of Efron’s Gym Time with Alexandra Daddario below:


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