Lush Donates Proceeds from Luxurious Hand & Body Lotion to Grassroots Charities

Lush Charity Pot

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that doing something as simple as applying lotion to your body was making a difference in the world? Sounds far fetched but, as it turns out, your daily body lotion pamper session could actually have a positive impact on the planet. Provided you’re slathering on the luxurious Lush Charity Pot hand and body lotion of course. All proceeds from the much-loved product go to small, grassroots charities and organisations and with over £20 million raised around the world so far, there’s no doubt Lush customers are making a huge impact with the simple act of buying a lotion.

Retailing for R65 for 45g pot and R245 for 225g pot the proceeds (minus the VAT) from the sale of the Lush Charity Pot lotion in South Africa go to smaller, independent organisations that often challenge mainstream opinions and fight for causes that are frequently overlooked by funders. The charities supported by the project include those working in animal rights, human rights and environmental protection and some of the local charities Lush South Africa has worked with include Vulpro, Thula Thula and the Pebbles Project.

This year marks the tenth birthday of Lush’s Charity Pot project with proceeds worldwide and since starting in 2014, Lush South Africa have been able to distribute up to R200,000 per year between their Charity Pot partners. You can read more about these charities here.

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For more details on Charity Pot visit the Lush website. You can also purchase a Lush Charity Pot lotion online here.

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