Invest In Art For The Floor with Mae Artisan Rugs [Review]

Mae Artisan Rugs

Up until a few weeks ago when I looked at a carpet I thought of it as nothing but a nice decorative thing to put in your house and to keep your feet warm. But now, after spending a day surrounded by the most beautiful artisan rugs I’ve come to realise that not all rugs are just about floor decoration, some of them are gorgeous pieces of art that just happen to live on the floor. Some of them, like the bespoke rugs from local rug design company, Mae Artisan Rugs can completely transform a room and quite easily take it from ‘meh’ to ‘amazing’ in 60 seconds flat.

Mae Artisan Rugs
Vintage Rose rug, Mae Artisan Rugs

Mae Artisan Rugs launched in Cape Town just over a year ago and now the rug concept store and its passionate owner, Mahdiyeh Mae Pakdoust have take the interior design world by storm. Thanks to designers like Mae the world is starting to see rugs as the focal point in a room. “More and more, rugs are being seen as art pieces, around which the rest of the room is designed,” says Mae. “It’s an exciting time. The materials, colours and patterns available nowadays make it possible to be truly imaginative and to design and create something that is
much more than just a floor covering.”

Mae Artisan Rugs

I got to spend an afternoon enjoying lunch at a home decorated with Mae Artisan Rugs and seeing the rugs in their ‘natural habitat’ was truly inspiring. I began to see think about how my own home could be transformed with the beautiful rugs in Mae’s collection and was completely excited about the fact that with Mae the sky’s the limit! The designer rug company offers a free on-site consultation service, as well as a bespoke design service, where together with the client they will create a one-of-a-kind rug perfectly suited to your space, as well your taste and budget. If designing your own rug isn’t your thing then make sure you also check out the latest Mae Artisan Rugs collection which features clean lines, brighter colours and dramatic geometrics. There are also a few art pieces, which show off Mae’s unique style in the collection

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Mae Artisan Rugs
Sarough Auron border rug, mae Artisan Rugs

But perhaps the best thing about the rugs is that Mae Artisan Rugs places a strong focus on quality workmanship while at the same time using natural, environmentally-friendly processes and manufacturing methods to reduce their carbon footprint. I love that all the aspects of the manufacturing process including everything from the design and sourcing of materials to the dying and spinning of the wool, are managed by the Mae Artisan Rugs team. This means that the team us able to create the very best product just for you. They’re stickler’s for detail and the result is beautiful artwork for the floor that you will love for years to come.

To see the entire fabulous collection head to the Mae Artisan Rugs showroom on Roeland Street, Cape Town or visit the Mae Artisan Rugs website.

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