Pep Launches PAXI, An Affordable Way to Send & Collect Parcels in SA


Sending gifts and other items to friends and family around South Africa can be a pricey and unreliable affair. Luckily for those of us looking for an alternative, Pep Stores has launched PAXI, a package service that allows you to send, collect and return parcels to various collection points around the country. The best part? It’s totally affordable with standard parcel pricing starting at just R49.95!

Easy, convenient, affordable, and reliable, PAXI is the ideal way to send gifts, products and documents between any two PEP collection points in South Africa. All you have to do is go to your nearest Pep PAXI point; select and pay for a bag size and service type; pack and seal your goods and hand it to the store assistant. Your package will then be registered on PAXI, you can select its destination and you’ll receive an SMS when the parcel arrives at your chosen collection point.

What’s ore, PAXI also offers a free service for UNISA students to send through a hard copy of assignments to the university. All it requires is finishing your assignment two weeks before it’s due (to ensure it’ll be delivered on time); taking it to your closest PAXI point and sending it off. You’ll get an SMS when your assignment gets delivered and you can also track it on the PAXI website.

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If you’re looking for an effective, affordable way to send stuff to friends and family who live a bit further away, this is the service for you!

For more details, visit the PAXI website.

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  • Good day all

    I would like to send a package to Bloemfontein what is needed from me and all the procedures kindly assist,

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Hi there. I would like to courier a parcel from Bloemfontein – Scotty’s Midas 24 McGregor St to East London Nahoon.
      It is 40cm square and 20cm in height
      Weighs 3kg

    • Good day. One of my parcels was delivered at Van der Bijl Mall. I received notification by sms. When I got there. It was not there. Another one which I send was torn open. At the retail crossing Peps where I despatch my one parcel. The assistant said I must take my parcel tape off which I stuck over the selfseal of the paxi bag. Why????Please explain why not parcel tape, thorn open and why sms me about the second parcel to say it is at its destination…….. all the evert to go there and it is not there?????

  • Good day you all

    Someone who want to send a parcel to me so he ask for a paxino so I would like to know what is paxino?.

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