An Ode to Gin at Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar [Review]

Mother's Ruin Gin Bar

G&Ts aren’t just for grannies anymore! It’s been a long time coming, but the old favourite has finally received a serious image makeover with all sorts of craft gins and tonic waters popping up in South Africa and abroad. The classic gin and tonic is making its way back onto the menus of some of the most fabulous spots in South Africa so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to open a spot dedicated to the awesomeness of Gin. Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar in Cape Town, a brick and mortar ode to gin is a must-visit for spirit lovers and it’s officially my new favourite spot on Bree Street.

The teeny tiny gin speciality bar on the super popular Bree Street is a haven for gin lovers who want to try something a little bit different from the bog standard Bombay Saphire. The spot’s gin menu offers over 90 different gins from around the world including craft gins that will knock your socks off. You can enjoy them straight, with a craft tonic water (that’s right, CRAFT tonic water) or paired up with an almost endless mixture of flavours in a variety of gin cocktails. No matter what you decide on, your taste buds will be taken on a journey like never before. Seriously, you have not experienced gin until you have stepped foot into Mother’s Ruin. It’s too cool for words and it’s beyond obvious that everyone who works there is super passionate about the other white spirit.

Mother's Ruin Gin Bar

I must be honest, I love gin, but I had no potting clue what I was doing when I visited this joint for the first time. I knew I absolutely adored Inverroche craft gin but I wanted to try something different as I had become a bit of an Inverroche whore over the past few months, ordering it everywhere I found it on the menu. I explained this to the barman and he excitedly ask me what I liked about the Inverroche range and which gin I like most in the range and why. Once he had my tastes down he recommended a few things from the menu. In the end I opted for the Mother’s Ruin Gin of the Week (displayed on a nifty blackboard next to the bar), The Woodstock Gin ‘Inception’ with Socks tonic water, grated cinnamon, Rosemary and fresh orange (R44). What a taste sensation that was! I loved the combination of flavours and couldn’t wait to explore them menu and try even more fabulous gin.

If you’re feeling brave, or know what you’re doing, then you can make your own G&T by choosing a tot of gin on the extensive gin menu and pairing it with the tonic water and garnish of your choice. There are 8 different tonic waters to choose from and a range of garnish options including grapefruit, lemon, mint, basil, cucumber, mango and more! If going it alone isn’t your thing then you can chat to one of the super knowledgeable barmen or opt for a range of classic gin cocktails and re-invented gin cocktails both made with Beefeater gin.

Mother's Ruin Gin Bar

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But what about food? If your stomach starts to grumble while you’re there then you can also order some nibbles to enjoy with your party. The Spanish/Italian charcuterie platters with bread, salami, Italian Coppa and Italian Parma Ham is a great choice. Cheese lovers will love the South Africa Cheese Platter with bread and a variety of local cheeses (R95).

If you’re looking for a new spot to hang out with friends after work or a place to have a delicious nightcap then pop in this weekend! The spot is quite small with only a few tables upstairs and a larger area with 2 couches and some extra chairs downstairs so you might have to enjoy your drink while standing until a seat opens up.

For more information on Mother’s Ruin Gin Bar visit their website or Say Hi to Mother’s Ruin on Facebook. Address: 219 Bree Street, Cape Town | Open: Tuesday – Saturday 16:00 – 01:00.

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