Raith Gourmet Constantia Now Open for Dinner! [Review]

Raith Gourmet

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for fondue; mostly because I adore cheese and I can’t imagine anything better than dipping already delicious savoury bites into a pot of hot, gooey, cheese. Seriously, try and imagine anything better – you can’t. Alas, the joys of cheese fondue seemed to have been relegated to a time where frizzy hair was all the rage and people thought George Michael was just a little bit camp. But not any more dear reader, because the saints at Raith Gourmet, Constantia are bringing cheese fondue back to the table with their new Raith Gourmet by Night. That’s right, Raith Gourmet is now serving dinner – yes please!

Raith Gourmet Constantia

The new dinner menu was launched at the Constantia branch on the 28th of May and guests were treated to a selection of the menu prepared by chef Clara Bubenzer and her team. The new menu offers a true European winter experience with both traditional German dishes and South African favourites on offer. Of course I made a beeline to the fondue table where I proceeded to dip Raith’s incredible selection of meats and sausages as well as a variety of freshly baked bread and crisp vegetables into the piping hot cheese. This dish made me feel like a kid again and diners hoping to get their fondue fix can order the dish as a main served with fresh bread, chorizo and a selection of pickles and broccoli. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you but it’s perfect for sharing!

Raith Gourmet Constantia

If fondue isn’t your thing then there are plenty of other things on the menu for you to enjoy including The Burger (a brioche bun with lettuce, bacon, avo, beef patty topped with brie cheese and caramelised onions and a side of smoked paprika fries and mustard mayo); the German (traditional beef roulade served with onion, gherkin and bacon and herbed mashed potato); and Homemade Beef Consomme (served with herbed potato dumplings). For dessert diners can indulge in a baked 70% Belgian Chocolate Mousse (served with vanilla bean ice cream and berry compote) and Kaiserschmarrn (served with stewed fruit and apple sauce). Of course, in true Raith style there is also an incredible selection of imported and local soft drinks, local wines and South African and European beers on offer for thirsty diners.

Raith Gourmet Constantia

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While I was there I also sampled some of Raith’s delicious mustards, pâtés and cold meats and can’t wait to go back during the day for a bit of grocery shopping. Their deli selection is beyond awesome and you won’t find better meats, cheeses and baked German treats anywhere else.

More information on the new dinner menu and Raith say Hi to Raith Gourmet Constantia on Facebook.

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