Review: Chemical-Free Colour with Easihair Pro Tape-in Hair Extensions

Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions

Growing up, my mother had one rule for my hair. I could cut it, blow-dry it, you name it, but any sort of dye was out of the question. While this rule encouraged me to love my natural hair colour, the teenage punk rocker in me has always secretly wanted coloured highlights (nothing too crazy, just a splash of blue or purple). As I got older, I realised had no desire to damage my hair with harsh bleaching and colour treatments, and while my secret longing for those coloured highlights never faded, I’d accepted the fact that it was probably never going to happen. But, just as I had given up all hope, the hair gods threw me a bone – during a routine Pinterest-trawl, I stumbled upon the chemical-free colour trend with Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions and suddenly my dream became a reality!

In South Africa, hair extensions are well-known for being used to create length and volume, but the results you can achieve by adding hair extensions are in fact limitless. Tape-in hair extensions (or hair toppers) can do wonders for women, and even men, experiencing hair loss and we’ve all seen how just one box of extensions can help take short, fine hair from dull to “wow” in a matter of minutes. But, for me, one of the most exciting trends in hair extensions at the moment is chemical-free colour. With a variety of colour options and textures, stylists can modify a client’s look without the commitment and damage, giving them more options than ever before.

Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions

Choices, choices!

If it’s a multitude of options and great quality you want, then I can’t recommend Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions enough! Not only do they have more colours than any other hair extensions brand (there are up to 40 colours available), but they also offer single tone, dual-tone, and even tri-tone colours to help everyone find their perfect colour match.

The great thing about having so many colours and tones in the range is that they can be used to create everything from beautiful natural-looking highlights, lowlights, and even ombre-type looks to more out-there colour transformations. With Easihair Pro the options are limitless and once you try it you’ll be tempted to start a collection of hair extensions in different colours to easily switch up your look whenever you please.

Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions

Bye-bye fading

For my hair transformation, I was looking for a more out-there colour, so finding the colour combinations that worked was easy. I chose two different shades of blue (a cool toned “Icy Mint” and a darker “Blueberry”). These two colours together created a fabulous ‘real-dye’ type of effect in my hair and since I’ve had my extensions in loads of people have commented on the fact that it looks like my own hair that has been dyed.

Which brings me to another reason I wanted to use hair extensions rather than dying my own hair: I have loads of friends who dye their hair and they’re often lamenting the fact that the colour they chose either faded after one or two washes or didn’t come out the way they expected. This isn’t even a factor with Easihair Pro extensions as they’re coloured with a special textile dye to ensure the extensions have and maintain a rich colour with no fading after washing or heat styling.

Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions

Quick in and out

Having the extensions ‘installed’ was also incredibly simple. I needed just two boxes of extensions (essentially 4 tape-in hair pieces) for the look I wanted. I popped into Style Bar at Palmyra Junction in Claremont for my transformation and stylist Cindy had me in and out of the chair in 20 minutes! Of course, I arrived with clean hair so she simply had to do a quick consultation about the look I wanted to achieve from the extensions before installing them. To start, Cindy sectioned off my hair and gently pinned the extensions into place for me so I could see how they would look. Once I was happy with the placement, she taped them into place and that was that. With Easihair Pro, the bonding agent is already on the panel so you just tape, style and go.

What’s more, with Easihair Pro, the quality of the hair and final product is superior to most other hair extension products on the market – because of this, the extensions don’t damage the natural hair and allow you to treat the hair extensions as your own once installed. After having the hair extensions in my hair for about 8 weeks now, I’ve truly come to appreciate the incredible quality of Easihair Pro extensions. Easihair Pro extensions are made of 100 percent Remy human hair, with cuticle intact, which means that the hair continues to behave like real hair when installed and there’s no shedding, tangles, or matting of the hair after swimming, washing, or exercising.

Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions

Low-maintenance glamour

Perhaps the best thing about Easihair Pro extensions is that they are incredibly low-maintenance. Designed to last, Easihair Pro tape-in extensions can be worn for up to six to eight weeks before they need to be removed, and safely stored, or reinstalled. If you take care of your extensions, the way you should be your own hair, then they can last for up to twelve months before you have to buy a new set! The extensions are so light and lay flat against the scalp, so you hardly notice they are there – whether you’re brushing, washing, or styling your hair, they pretty much feel like your own hair!

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I ensure I always use a heat protector spray on my hair and my extensions when heat styling and, when it comes to washing, I use pretty much the same shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using for my hair prior to getting them installed. If you really want to ensure you take excellent care of your extensions, then you can also opt to buy the Easihair Pro home care range which includes everything from a shampoo to a leave-in conditioner and dry-shampoo – all with a built-in colour guard.

Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions

Budget-friendly colour

Having the extensions re-installed or removed is also a breeze. The stylist simply uses the alcohol-based easiRemove product to release the adhesive panel on the extension and that’s that. You can then have the extensions re-installed or store them safely in the box they came in for use at a later date.

One box of Easihair Pro extensions typically retails for R1,598 and installation is about R400. For a quick, subtle transformation like mine, you’re looking at a cost of about R3,596 for the first installation and then R400 for every installation thereafter. While it may sound like a pricey exercise the first time around it’s actually really cost effective when you break down the costs.

Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions
Hair makeover by Beautiful Chaos Hair Artistry, Kalk Bay using Brown Sugar, Poppyseed and English Toffee.

Hair extensions are an investment and when you consider that the same half head of full-length highlights or colour would usually cost upwards of R900 a pop each time you visit the salon, the savings really start to come into play. For a year’s worth of wear, Easihair Pro extensions work out to approximately R460 a month – which is really great value, especially when also factoring in how much less damage you’re doing to your hair forgoing the chemical treatment!

Easihair Pro tape-in hair extensions are available at professional salons. For more information or to find a stockist salon visit the Fascinations website you can also say Hi to Easihair Pro on Facebook to see more great hair transformations!

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