Review: Finally, AirPop Offers Comfortable Mask Solution for Spectacle Wearers

AirPop masks

There’s no getting around it; wearing a mask in public is a pain in the butt. They’re usually uncomfortable, cause havoc for those with sensitive skin, and are just downright annoying to wear. For those who wear glasses, the daily struggle of trying not to fog up your glasses is enough to wish the whole ordeal was done with. The bad news is, masks aren’t going anywhere any time soon and in South Africa, it’s mandatory for everyone to wear a mask when they’re in public spaces. The great news is wearing a mask doesn’t have to be the nightmare it’s become known to be, thanks to AirPop masks. Air wearables brand, AirPop is on a mission to make wearing a mask as comfortable and convenient as possible for adults and children alike.

Offering a range of masks for adults and children, AirPop’s masks feature a two-way barrier giving children and adults the defence they need against airborne threats, such as Covid-19, while also providing optimum comfort and breathability. The range features the AirPop Pocket, Light SE, Active, and Kids masks.

Taking the hassle out of wearing a mask

Made of hypoallergenic materials as well as non-toxic dyes, the Pocket, Light SE and Kids masks are ideal for sensitive skin, even when wearing for long periods of time. What’s more, the masks’ structure makes it easier to breathe when wearing a mask. The masks have a unique 3D structure that creates a canopy of air, keeping them off the face for unrestricted airflow and easy breathing.

The Pocket and Kids mask is also fitted with an ultra-soft, ergonomic foam nose seal cushion that conforms around the nose and promotes proper alignment, reducing fogging of eyewear for glasses wearers. The foam nose seal also ensures the mask sits comfortably on the nose without the mask making contact with the face or mouth.

AirPop masks

Reinforced, welded ribs provide compression strength while you wear the mask but also act as flexible folding joints for easy collapsibility when you need to pack your mask away for use later. The unique construction of the masks ensures they are comfortable to wear all day. What’s more, the materials used to manufacture AirPop masks are tested by accredited 3rd party labs to exceed the World Health Organisation and FDA medical mask material performance standards.

The AirPop difference

AirPop masks am to give wearers unsurpassed comfort by solving three key issues that plague most masks: fit, filtration and breathability. An accurate, close fit is essential to prevent the inhalation and exhalation of small particles and droplets. AirPop masks feature a patented soft-seal and frame that responds to different fit profiles to help ensure a snug, but comfortable fit. And the tented, 3-D Air Dome shape keeps the filter away from the face, increasing airflow and improving breathability and comfort.

AirPop masks

When it comes to filtration AirPop is leading the pack as well. AirPop masks create a barrier down to 0.1 microns with greater than 99% effectiveness at this scale. The brand’s unique combination of 4-layer filter material provides an effective 2-way barrier against particles and droplets. All this while also offering excellent breathability. AirPop masks “give and take” in sync with your natural breath and the skin-friendly inner layer ensures security and comfort without irritating the skin.

AirPop Kids masks are designed especially for children aged 3 to 12-years-old and have been given the seal of approval by the BSI Kitemark scheme. The Kids mask has been specially engineered to suit smaller features, whilst delivering over 99% particle filtration. AirPop’s Pocket mask also provides the same level of protection and offers the perfect solution for teenagers at high school, those in higher education such as university, and teachers and support staff.

AirPop masks

Both the Kids and Pocket ranges fit in AirPop’s handy case, available in black and white and ideal for children and adults to store their mask safely and hygienically in-between uses. The vent at the top of the case allows any moisture to evaporate naturally between wears, keeping the mask dry and fresh, ready for its next use.

Hands-on with AirPop masks

I got the chance to test out the AirPop Pocket and Light SE masks to see how they fare in the real world. After 2 few weeks of using these masks I can’t go back to wearing ordinary masks again. The AirPop Pocket and Light SE are nothing short of game-changers in the mask game are both the most comfortable masks I’ve ever worn. The AirPop masks are light, easy to carry, and non-obtrusive. In fact, most of the time I’m wearing my AirPop I forget I’m wearing a mask.

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AirPop masks

I’ve worn my AirPop to the shops, on long minibus commutes, and even on a flight. Wearing an AirPop mask on a 2-hour flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg is the most comfortable I’ve been on an aeroplane in a long time. I didn’t have that hot, claustrophobic feeling I usually experience when wearing a mask on a plane, and it made the entire Covid-19 travel experience a pleasure. The soft inner layer of the mask helps to absorb moisture so you don’t feel like you’re creating a moist haven for skin breakouts in your mask. If you have sensitive skin; struggle with ‘mascne’; hate the feeling of a mask restricting your breathing; or wear glasses then do yourself a favour and try AirPop, you won’t regret it.

I found the AirPop Light SE Mask the best for when I’m wearing my glasses or sunglasses. This extremely lightweight mask features a soft-touch, cushioned silicone seal that conforms around the nose and reduces fogging for people who wear glasses. Forget, steamy glasses hindering your day, with the AirPop Light SE mask foggy lenses are a thing of the past. The Light SE mask is designed to fit a variety of facial sizes and can be adjusted to find your perfect fit. The mask also features soft, adjustable elastic ear-loops for maximum comfort and a good fit.

AirPop masks

AirPop Kids masks and The Pocket are available at selected retailers including Dis-Chem and online at Takealot and Dis-Chem.

The AirPop Pocket mask retails for about R99 for a 2-pack, the Light SE mask is about R599 for a 4-pack and the Kids mask for about R299.95 for a 2-pack. The AirPop carry case, while not necessary, is a big plus to have and retails for about R199.

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