Review: The 10 Best New Beauty Products We Tried in November

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The number of new beauty launches every month can be straight-up overwhelming. But with dozens of brand-new makeup, skincare and haircare products launching every single month, how do you tell what’s worth the splurge and what’s better left as a distant memory from your Instagram feed? Fortunately for you, dear reader, I’m always willing to put my skin and hair on the line to test out the newest beauty products on the market, so you don’t have to. So, what’s good this month? Here are of my picks for 10 of the best beauty products available in South Africa to get you through the month… Because I support your decision to treat yourself to yet another lipstick you probably don’t need but deserve.

1. Ghd platinum+

The ghd platinum+ is ghd’s most advanced hair straightener yet and it shows! The nifty styling tool is so intelligent it predicts the needs of your hair as you style. Suitable for all hair types, the ghd platinum+ is equipped with ultra-zone technology to adapt the power according to your styling speed and the thickness of your hair, so you can enjoy beautiful results, tailored to you. The infinity sensors within each styling plate monitor heat 250 times a second to ensure the optimum styling temperature of 185ºC is maintained throughout styling, to deliver beautiful results in just one stroke.

The styling plates of the ghd platinum+ are precision-milled and finished with a high spec gloss to allow your hair to pass smoothly through, whilst the unqiue wishbone hinge holds the plates in perfect alignment for an effortless styling experience. The ghd platinum+ is more than just a styler – the rounded barrel allows you create a myriad of styles including classic curls and beachy waves with ease and control.

If you’ve been toying with getting a new flat iron, you won’t regret investing in this high-tech styling tool. It’s beyond worth the splurge and makes styling quick and easy. This styler truly is the Rolls-Royce of flat irons on the market right now. Styling your hair with the ghd platinum+ couldn’t be easier and you’re guaranteed a beautiful professional look every time.

Grab the ghd Platinum+ for R3,300 online from the ghd South Africa website.

2. Vice Reversa Microneedling Plumping Patches

Vice Reversa Microneedling Plumping Patches

Are you looking to tackle wrinkles and other age-related skincare concerns head-on? Consider trying Vice Reversa microneedle skincare. According to new research, microneedle skincare technology has been shown to be more effective than collagen-promoting face cream in addressing wrinkles, elasticity and hydration. The love-child of sheet masks and microneedling tools, Vice Reversa Microneedline Plumping Patches are a great way to treat your skin at home at a fraction of the cost.

Infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and peptides, Vice Reversa patches for wrinkles deliver actives deep into the dermal layers to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, offering a more effective alternative to face creams and a painless home alternative to invasive procedures. Designed for the eye area and smile lines, each pair of wrinkle patches contains thousands of microneedles formed from crystallised serum, packed densely on a medical grade hydrocolloid patch. The ultra-fine needles painlessly penetrate the epidermis, then self-dissolve to deliver hydrating and firming hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides deep in the skin. The patches are painless and leave the skin looking and feeling great after just one application.

Obviously longer microneedles will have more of a collagen-stimulating effect, but they require additional time dedicated for the pre and post-treatment steps. With these single-use patches you don’t need to worry about sterilising any equipment or spreading infections and there’s no downtime.

Grab Vice Reversa Patches online for R680 for a box of 8 patches.

3. Essence Hydrating & Perfecting Primer

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This affordable primer is ideal for everyday wear. It’s the ideal choice if you’re looking for a basic primer that works to moisturise the skin and blur pores. The primer has a thicker consistency, making it ideal for anyone with dry skin and it works well under makeup to make your look last all day. It feels like a rich moisturiser on the skin, rather than a primer, and contains an SPF of 20 to help protect the skin while you’re out and about.

The light texture helps to prepare the skin for foundation and powder textures and while some inexpensive primers have an almost silicone-like texture to them, this one feels creamy and rich in comparison. I get great all-day wear from my makeup when using it and I love that it keeps my foundation from looking dry, cakey and creased.

Find the Essence Hydrating & Perfecting Primer online for R82.95

4. Marc Anthony Detox Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment

Marc Anthony Hair & Scalp Detox Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment

Hair health starts at the scalp. Just like the skin on the rest of our body, our scalp has oils, sheds skin and sweats. Build-up happens fast which can suffocate the scalp, clogging hair follicles. Cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating your scalp is just as crucial. Marc Anthony’s new Hair & Scalp Detox collection is formulated to give both your hair and scalp the perfect regimen for it to feel clean, free of build-up and with long-lasting moisture. The range includes a Detox Shampoo, Conditioner, Purifying Scalp Scrub, and a Scalp Treatment.

My favourite from the range is hands-down the Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment. If you struggle with a dry, sensitive scalp, relief is just a swipe away with this product. The packaging has a rollerball application design to help evenly distribute the product on the scalp where you need it most. A blend of castor oil, tea tree oil and aloe vera leaf juice help to calm and condition the skin while Peppermint Oil and Witch Hazel offers a refreshing cooling sensation. This delightful treatment can be applied as a pre-wash scalp treatment but also works well as a leave-in treatment between washes for an instant scalp refresh. I struggle with scalp psoriasis and this little roller works like a bomb to spot treat breakouts and scalp sensitivity.

Grab Marc Anthony Detox Instant Cooling Scalp Treatment from Clicks for R179.99.

5. Placecol Illumine Retinol Serum

If you’re looking for a more gentle approach to Retinol this is the serum for you. Placecol claims that unlike other types of Retinol treatments on the market, its Retinol Serum doesn’t sun sensitize the skin or thin the skin. This unique non-sensitising retinol helps to normalise cellular function, stimulate collagen and elastin production, increass the production of new cells and is, therefore, an anti-ageing powerhouse.

This daily serum helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, whilst also improving skin texture and with regular use, it reduces the appearance of age spots and restores a healthy, youthful glow. I’ve been using this Retinol for a few weeks now and am loving the results. My skin definitely looks more youthful and plump and the texture has improved since using the serum. The great thing about Placecol is that it’s a local brand, which allows the products to be a lot more competitively priced than international competition brands. Compared to other retinols on the market, this serum is very affordably priced. Even better news? A little goes a long way this product. I’ve been using every evening for 2 months now and I’m not even halfway through the tube.

Find Placecol Illumine Retinol Serum online from Takealot for R680.

6. Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation Mascara

Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation Mascara

Want supersized lashes? This mascara from Elizabeth Arden will help you pump up the volume. The secret is in the supersized brush which helps to amplify, build and curl lashes for a bold, fanned out look.

The smooth, Carnauba fibre-infused formula attaches to lashes to create extra volume and length while Marula Nut Oil helps to soften and nourish lashes. With just 2 coats you’ll be able to create ‘wow’ lash volume that will last. This long-wearing mascara won’t smudge or flake, ensuring a flawless look throughout the day.

Buy Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation Mascara from Foschini for R380.

7. Nuxe Light Fluid High Protection SPF50

Nuxe Light Fluid High Protection SPF50

Looking for the ultimate face sun protection this summer? You’ll love Nuxe Light Fluid High Protection. With an SPF factor of 50, this lightweight sunscreen is ideal normal to combination skin. It has a lovely satin finish and ‘bare skin’ effect when applied, making it perfect for wearing under makeup.

The fluid’s high protection comes thanks to a strict selection of 4 sunscreens. Known for their anti-oxidant power, natural extracts of Rice and Rosemary together with vitamin E offer anti-ageing cellular protection to prevent premature photo-ageing of the skin. The Kau Pe Flower extract has soothing properties to calm sensations of overheating linked to sun exposure. Skin is protected from dehydration thanks to a Water Hyacinth Oleo-active (patent FR).

Packaged in an easy-to-use pocket-sized ‘Shaka’ bottle it’s easy to carry and easy to apply. It’s ultra-convenient ‘pocket’ size means it’s close to hand on every sunny occasion: from lunch on the patio to hiking trips, festivals and more. Its other secret is its ‘shake-to-apply’ formula, featuring an integrated ball designed to instantly make the texture more fluid and extremely light. What’s more, it smells divine! You’ll quickly become addicted to the Nuxe Sun olfactory signature scent, with captivating notes of tiaré and vanilla.

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Grab Nuxe Light Fluid High Protection SPF50 at Woolworths for R495.

8. Curaprox toothpaste

Curaprox Be You toothpaste

Flavoured toothpaste isn’t just for kids anymore. Swiss oral health brand, Curaprox is making toothpaste fun again with its ‘Be you’ range. Featuring 6 exciting flavours, the whitening toothpaste offers a taste for every mood. The range transforms your daily oral hygiene routine from a necessary chore into a moment to be savoured. Choose from flavours like Rising Star (Grapefruit & Bergamot), Candy Lover (Watermelon), Daydreamer (Blackberry & Licorice), and Explorer (Apple & Aloe). My favourite of the range is the Challenger for its naughty-but-nice mix of Gin Tonic and Persimmon as well as Pure Happiness with its irresistible mix of apricot and peach.

In addition to its beautiful smells and flavours, the range also offers a unique and gentle whitening formula. Made with natural ingredients and herbal essences, this vegan toothpaste has an enzymatic whitening effect that’s gentle on your teeth while also protecting your teeth and gums against sensitivity, decay, and minimising plaque.

The price of the flavour-packed toothpaste is quite steep compared to other natural toothpaste options on the market but if the ‘gourmet’ flavours spark your interest it’s worth the splurge.

Curaprox Be You toothpaste is available online from the Curprox SA website at R220 for a 90ml tube. Plus for every R250 spent on you’ll receive a free Be You toothpaste!

9. L.A Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick

L.A Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick

If there’s one thing L.A. Girl does well its high-end products at an affordable price, and this lipstick is no exception! If you’re keen to try the Matte lipstick trend this inexpensive matte lipstick is ideal for testing the waters without making a hefty commitment.

L.A Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick comes in 26 bold shades that are rich in pigment and filled with moisture. With added shea butter to hydrate lips, this lipstick goes on smooth with a matte finish that doesn’t dry out the lips. With this beauty, you won’t get the usual flakey-dry look that some other matte lipsticks cause. I struggle with dry lips and this lipstick works like a bomb for me.

Grab L.A Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick at Dis-Chem for R59.95.

10. Mavala Poolside collection

Mavala Poolside collection

Just because we’re still in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you relax in the summer sun. Mavala’s fun new Poolside collection will help you do just that. Bring a little pizzaz to your summer nails with this fabulously colourful collection. Featuring 6 bold new shades that embody the summer spirit, this new nail polish collection is sure to encourage you to be daring with your chosen nails shades this holiday season.

I can’t get enough of the bold cobalt blue ‘Santa Monica’ shade and the oh-so-chic pinky-orange Las Perlas which is sure to make your tan pop while you show some skin.

If you’re not yet familiar with Mavala Nail Polish, the brand known (and loved) for its small 5ml golden cap bottle relies on a simple, yet great, idea. Nail polish, regardless of the quality, tends to dry out sooner or later, especially when the bottle is frequently opened. The Mavala nail polishes have been designed to minimise solvent evaporation and avoid this inconvenience. Plus, because of its smaller size, you can use the whole bottle with no waste. Brilliant!

All Mavala products can be purchased from Mavala South Africa’s website at R105 a bottle. 

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