Tuck Into Epic Burgers at The Great Burger Company! [Review]

Great Burger Company

If you’re a sucker for a fantastic burger then you need to check out Joburg’s retro inspired burger joint, GBC. With stores in Fourways and Greenstone, Great Burger Company is worth the drive no matter where you are in Joburg. But why all the fuss about a burger spot? Well, it’s quite easy GBC has done for takeaway burgers what Andiccio 24 did for pizza back in the day – they’ve turned the idea of the classic takeaway burger on its head by letting you call the shots about what goes into making your burger. Here’s why you need to drag your friends and family to this spot as soon as possible.

I popped into GBC Fourways to sample their wares and fell crazy-stupid in love with the spot after just one visit. I love the decor of the joint which mixes fun retro elements with chic modern decor. There’s an old school arcade game in the corner which customers can play while they wait for their burgers and, if you choose to sit down, meals are served in vintage dinner-style baskets. The rest of decor is quite modern with lots of red, black and silver sprinkled throughout the small store.

A modern diner at GBC.

I absolutely loved GBC’s menu which is similar to Andiccio 24 in that it offers you a list of options to choose from in order to create the burger of your dreams. Hungry customers can choose from a variety of patty, sauce, roll, salad and other topping options to create exactly what you are craving at that particular moment. If you hate choice or don’t trust yourself to successfuly combine the right flavours to make a great burger then you can also choose from a range of standard ‘Great Burger’ options such as the Great Mediterranean Burger (a lamb patty topped with Tzatziki and feta on ciabatta – R64) or the The Great Ceasar Chicken Burger (juicy chicken breast topped with creamy guacamole and a ceasar dressing with lettuce, tomato and red onion – R64).

For creative types you can choose from a variety of goodies to create a great burger. All the goodies on the menu are priced quite reasonably so you won’t be too shy to create a whopper of note. GBC also offers a fantastic range of standard toppings at no extra charge (true story!) – add lettuce, tomato, red onion, BBQ sauce, dill pickles, Djion mustard, tomato sauce, 1000 island sauce, GBC Burger Mayo or chilli mayo to your burger without paying a cent more. But wait, there’s more! GBC also offers a range of patty choices (choose from beef, chicken, lamb, veggie or double) as well as bun choices (choose from seeded, plain, low GI, Ciabatta or no bun at all) to customers who want to indulge within the parameters of their chosen eating plan.

Great Burger Company

But what about sides? GBC offers a wide variety of sides including curly fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, fried onion strings, chilli cheese fries and cheese fries. To wash it all down, there’s a drinks menu of note offering yummy milkshakes as well as a selection of local and imported soft drinks like Cherry Coke and more. I tried a strawberry milkshake and loved it! It reminded me of the classic milkshakes I used to order at my favourite roadhouse when I was a wee lass.

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For my first GBC experience I chose to create my own burger and went with a beef burger with a seeded bun and then added lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, red onions topped with a famous GBC mayo and Gouda cheese. I added a side of curly fries to my burger.  The burger was super delicious and I paid about R94 with my fries and medium milkshake. The burger was super juicy and I was impressed to see how big it was.

For more information on GBC visit their website and say Hi to The Great Burger Company on Facebook.

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