Urban Decay is Finally in SA But Does it Live Up to the Hype? [Review]

Urban Decay

A few months ago we reported that Urban Decay was officially heading to South Africa for the very first time. We were overwhelmed by the response from you, our WomenStuff readers, for this brand. So, we decided it was high time to give you even more insight into Urban Decay and the products available to us here in South Africa and finally review some of the goodies. Before reviewing the products, below I had heard (and read) lots of great things about Urban Decay and their legendary makeup but, like with anything in life, you can’t always believe the hype. And, let’s be honest, the Urban Decay range is not exactly the cheapest products out there. So, before you splurge, find out which Urban Decay products live up to the hype and which ones you should give a skip.

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette

Urban Decay

When you’re reviewing Urban Decay products, it seems only right to start off with the most famous and popular of the lot – the NAKED Palette! I was lucky enough to receive this product for review and I must be honest, before trying it out, I did question whether or not Urban Decay’s eyeshadows could REALLY be that much better than any other eyeshadow I have tried. I mean, I knew women the world over crush hard on the Urban Decay NAKED palettes but I remained immune to the hype. Until now, that is. Ladies, listen up and listen carefully, the hype is indeed real! You have never used eyeshadow quite this soft or pigmented before. In fact, I’m quite sure it’s eyeshadows like this that make women fall in love with makeup in the first place.

Urban Decay
Colour from left: Venus (soft, off-white demi-matte) | Foxy (a cream bisque matte) | Walk of Shame (very light, pinky nude matte) | Naked2 (rosy taupe matte) | Faint (warm, dusty brown matte) | Crave (deep, dark black matte).

This beautiful combination of colour is Urban Decay’s first matte palette and is proof that neutrals can be anything but boring. With this basics palette, Urban Decay has pretty much reinvented the neutral look. The six must-have shades in the NAKED Basics palette allow you to create the perfect matte, natural eye look. The palette might look small compared to some of the bigger NAKED palettes, but in this little guy you’ve got everything you need to highlight, contour, line, and more. Another great thing about these colours is that will look great on pretty much everyone, no matter your skin tone, and you can wear them on their own or mix and blend to create a completely new look every time. You can also use these shades as a base for bolder shadows and colours. The tones and pigment in these shadows are also incredible – they’re beyond rich and blend so well it’s crazy. They’re also as soft as satin and give you hours of wear (even more with a good primer!)

This is one palette EVERY woman needs in her beauty arsenal and if you’re new to Urban Decay and don’t want to splash out too much then this is a great place to start – get it online from Urban Decay now or in store at Urban Decay, Sandton City at R 490.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Urban Decay

We all know that not all mascaras are created equal and this is definitely the case with this incredible mascara from Urban Decay. With the very first few strokes of the mascara brush I could already tell that this product was something special. I have been using it non-stop since I got it a 2 weeks ago and I love how easily it glides on to create sexy, long, voluminous lashes with just one stroke. Most mascaras require you to build, build, build to get the look you want, but not this one – it’s a dream to use and allows you create the look you want with almost no product at all. The formulation is super creamy (but not too runny, or watered down) and coats each lash with striking blacker than black pigment with ease.

But, as great as the formulation is, the real hero of this product is the brush! The twisted trim on the high-tech, volumising brush latches on to each lash to separate and define lashes. I have only LOVED a handful of mascaras in my life and after just 2 weeks of using this product, Urban Decay Perversion Mascara is one of them. But wait, there’s more (of course, there is!) not only is this mascara super amazing, it’s also enhanced with some fabulous ingredients that are known to stimulate lash growth and provide deep nourishment for lashes.

Find Urban Decay Perversion Mascara in store at Urban Decay, Sandton City at R 275.

Urban Decay ‘Ink for Eyes’ Pencil

Urban Decay

If like me, you struggle to create the perfectly straight liquid line on your lids then you’re going to adore this product. It’s one of the best eye pencils in the history of ever and is so easy to use. If you imagine the idiot’s guide to liquid liner, this is it! The formulation is also brilliant – it stays creamy for blending and then dries to a long-lasting finish of note. It’s also waterproof which is all kinds of amazing! The tip of the pencil is velvety soft and angled in just the right way to ensure you get the perfect line every time. I couldn’t believe how easy this pencil is to use and am now suitably obsessed with it. I also found the liner to be really forgiving – I don’t have the sturdiest hands but I created a nearly perfect line with this product.

The pencil is available in 40 different shades (no really!), I tried out basic black and absolutely adored it. And, just like the mascara, this product has a little trick up its sleeve – the product contains Vitamin E to help hydrate, moisturise and condition the lash line as well as Jojoba oil and cottonseed oil which helps to condition and soften the skin. The ‘Ink for Eyes’ Pencil can be used to line the inner rims of both the upper and lower lash lines and has incredible staying power – I’ve worn it on numerous occasions and it doesn’t budge, run, or smudge!

Find the Urban Decay ‘Ink for Eyes Pencil’ in store at Urban Decay, Sandton City at R 215.00

Urban Decay Afterglow Blush

Urban Decay

I had a serious moment when I tried this little product for the first time. With just the stroke of a brush, the product gives you the stunning natural-looking, streak-free flush we all crave. Back in the day, women used to violently pinch their cheeks to get a glow like this, but now with Afterglow you can get that post-romantic rendezvous flush in a matter of seconds. And the best bit? It’s last for hours after you apply (it’s not called 8-hour Afterglow for nothing!). The highlighter comes in 3 different shades including Aura, Sin and Fireball and I got the chance to try out Aura and loved the light pink hue of the product. The product is incredibly soft, beautifully pigmented and will make you look at least a few years younger (if you highlight in all the right places).

Urban Decay

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Other highlighters I’ve used in the past require you to brush, brush, brush to get any kind of noticeable colour but the Urban Decay 8-hour Afterglow has a great pigment and doesn’t need more than a flick of the brush in the right places. It’s also not a super over-powering colour, so you won’t look clownish when wearing it. I felt like my skin had the most beautiful, super fresh-faced glow all day long when I wore this product.

Find the Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in store at Urban Decay, Sandton City at R390.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay
Urban Decay’s Vice lipsticks also have legendary status amongst makeup lovers. With over 100 different shades and 6 different finishes (including matte, sheer, and metallised), it’s nearly impossible not to find a Vice lipstick you love. The pigment of this product is absolutely insane … I’m talking pigment for days! And, all it takes is just one swipe to get a brilliant coverage and colour. Speaking of colour for days, the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks give you long-lasting colour you can count on all night long – brilliant if, like me, you hate having to reapply your lipstick every 5 minutes.

Urban Decay
Urban Decay, Vice ZZ (cream).

I got the chance to try out the Vice in ZZ (cream) and adored it. The cream lipsticks have an almost indulgently creamy texture and my lips felt as smooth as silk while wearing it. I’m a massive fan of matte lipsticks so if the cream lipstick is this good then I can only imagine what the matte variations must be like. If you need me I’ll be on my way to Sandton City to pick up a matte lipstick or two from the Urban Decay store!

You can find the Urban Decay Vice lipstick collection in store at Urban Decay, Sandton City at R230.

Urban Decay

While I loved every product I tried this time around, I would say that if you’re new to Urban Decay and want to try just one or two products, then the ones to splurge on would definitely be the NAKED Basics Palette and the Perversion Mascara. I know I will definitely be splashing out on another Urban Decay NAKED palette again soon, I’m dying to get my hands on the NAKED 3 palette with 12 rose-hued neutrals (from pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with rosy red micro-glitter – R850). Once I get my hands on one you can be sure I will tell you all about it!

For more information on Urban Decay visit the Urban Decay South Africa website. The site also has some fabulous makeup tutorials on the site. 

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