Why Every Woman Needs to Own a Pair of Spanx! [Review]

Spanx South Africa

So, you’ve got a big wedding, high school reunion, birthday (basically, insert big event here), etc coming up and for the last 3 months you’ve been promising yourself that you’re going to look super fabulous for said event by going on a crazy-pants soup diet you read about online. Of course, no one can live on soup alone and now that slinky dress you were planning on wearing is looking like less and less of an option. It’s happened to us all. Heck, half my wardrobe consists of things I’m only going to wear when I lose 5 KGs or more. But listen ladies, I’ve just recently hauled all of that stuff out of the darkest corners of my wardrobe because the time has come for me to wear it all again and feel super confident doing so! So what’s my secret? It’s definitely not that soup diet (yuck!) Nope, I’ve FINALLY discovered the magic of Spanx Power Panties and I’m not kidding around when I say that you need a pair as early as yesterday.

Over the years I’ve heard so many Hollywood celebrities gush about how amazing Spanx are but, let’s be honest no one really believes them half the time. And, even if I did decided to buy a pair, in my mind they were probably ridiculously overpriced (I never actually bothered to seek out a price but instead came up with a wild guestimate) I could never afford them. So, I did what every other women in my situations does – look for an alternative. I was convinced that Spanx was one of those things that was just a “brand name” and that a discount retailer would most definitely give me a more affordable option that was just as good.

Spanx South Africa

The truth is I was so wrong. I opted to buy two pairs of shapewear from a local South African store (I’m not going to name and shame) at super low prices. I invested in a spaghetti strap bodysuit and a pair of high waisted panties both in black. The body suit set me back about R180 while the panties were about R95. Well worth it I thought. The sad news is wearing this stuff was like torture! Firstly, it was made from what can only be described as the worst material on earth – I couldn’t bear to wear it because every time I did I sweated like I was running a marathon! And, as if that wasn’t bad enough it didn’t actually work all that well to lift and tuck where I wanted it to.

I was about to swear off shapewear for good when I was invited to try out the Spanx Power Panties. Not being one to turn down a challenge I decided to go for a fitting at a nearby Inner Secrets Lingerie boutique and left with a brand new pair of nude coloured Spanx. I must be honest, trying the Spanx on in the fitting room I could already tell that they were different – they felt soft and breathable against my skin, unlike the synthetic sweatboxes I already had at home and I could feel how the panties were gently but snugly tucking my tummy in and lifting my bum. My fitting was a major success and I left the store super excited to put them to the test.

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And, because I’d been burned before I decided to throw these panties straight into the deep end of my closet and whipped out every piece of clothing I’ve been meaning to wear as soon as I lose a few inches. You know the stuff – there’s that stunning sundress dress that rather cruelly highlights your permanent food baby, those jeans that would fit just a little better if you were 3 KGs lighter, and that high-waisted skirt that loves to point out how flat your bum is. One item at a time I watched how the Spanx brought the dark side of my wardrobe back to life, and now, just a few weeks later I am hooked and already planning my next Spanx purchase.

Of course, these panties can’t perform miracles ladies. They’re not going to replace diet and exercise but they will give you a helping hand and make you feel much more confident in your clothes. These magical panties stretch all the way up to just below your bra line and fit like a pair of high leg panties to help smooth out any unwanted lumps and bumps and also lift and tuck in all the right places. You’ll look just a little more toned and put together when wearing your Spanx and you’ll get loads of confidence as a result. And the best bit? They are super, super comfortable! I could wear mine all day long without breaking a sweat (literally, they don’t make you overheat at all) and I love how they encourage me to sit and stand a little straighter too.

Spanx South Africa
Me in my Spanx Power Panties.

The Spanx High Waisted Power Panties start from R890 for the Power Shorty and go up to R933 for the Higher Power Panties like I have. While some might say that R900 is a lot to spend on shapewear once you try on a pair of Spanx you will be convinced they are worth the price. If you’re not so sure, don’t waste your money on cheap shapewear like I did, rather visit your nearest Spanx stockist to try on a pair. Just be warned, you won’t want to leave without them!

Spanx South Africa is distributed by PDL Distributers and is available from Inner Secrets Lingerie stores as well as a few other stockists nationwide. For more stockist information click here.

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