This is The Best Pan You Will Ever Use in Your Life! [Review]

Worlds Best Pan

So, it’s official; I am crazy in love … with a pan. Which is weird because I am a total kitchen spazz. I have really good common sense and I know not to do dumb stuff to get myself burned or injured in the kitchen but sometimes I do silly things without thinking. In fact, just recently the boyfriend banned me from the kitchen for a week after I rather stupidly heated up some oil in a pot and then proceeded to pour boiling water on top of said oil causing a giant cloud of super hot steam to come screaming towards my face (don’t ask). As you can imagine cooking is usually quite a stressful situation for me but not anymore because I, a self proclaimed cooking spazz have found THE best pan in the whole wide world. Here’s why you need The World’s Best Pan (seriously, that’s its real name) in your kitchen!

Neill Anthony

I was first introduced to The World’s Best Pan (WBP) at an event with local chef, Neill Anthony and watched him elegantly cook all sorts of stuff using the various pans in the range. He grilled, fried, seared and sauteed the heck out of a delicious menu of truffle risotto, seared Tuna, and Confit chicken wings. While he cooked he told us that the range of pans were the best ever and we all nodded accepting that if it’s coming from a chef then it must be true. But, although I trust Chef Anthony’s opinion the little part of my Millenial brain that tells me to distrust anything that remotely resembles a marketing spiel, still wasn’t sure how it could be any better than any other high-end frying pan out there. But it is! Trust me ladies, this pan needs to be added to your birthday, anniversary, Christmas and any other gift list you write this year. If you’re getting married soon then lucky you – at least one of these babies needs to make it on to your gift registry.

The World's Best Pan


But how do I know? well, it’s simply because I used one and fell in love with it immediately. There is so much to love about this pan and all you need to do is fry one egg in it to realise that you are working with something magic. And that’s exactly how I fell in love with it. You see, I fry and scramble a lot of eggs. The boyfriend and I love doing fry-ups at home and we even make our own egg McMuffins which kick the McDonald’s McMuffin’s butt every time. I realise that’s not too much to be proud of but we’re always pretty chuffed with ourselves when we whip them up. This weekend I decided to use my brand new WBP for breakfast and was amazed at how much easier it made my life.

Worlds Best Pan

Because of its 8 – 10 mm thick bottom the pan offers outstanding heat retention. Once the pan was heated up, I popped a tiny sliver of butter onto the pan’s surface and was interested to see that unlike with cheaper pans the butter didn’t melt all over the place. It stayed put just where’d I placed it in the middle of the pan. I spread it out a little and then cracked the egg into the pan – and this is where things got super cool! The egg immediately started cooking evenly throughout – there was no sticking or browning too much in one area and I couldn’t believe how easily the egg came off the pan. This is thanks to its special Lotan non-stick coating. In fact this coating also means you don’t need to use any fat when cooking so my butter wasn’t necessary at all.

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Worlds Best Pan

But that’s not all – cleaning the pan is also a breeze! I did a test after cooking some scrambled eggs in the pan and left it sitting with all the eggy bits stuck to the pan overnight. The next morning I went to soak the pan and was chuffed to see that there was no soaking necessary. The egg bits came off the pan using nothing but a kitchen towel (true story!). Cooking in The World’s Best Pan is an absolute pleasure and after this first amazing experience with it I’ve been coming up with all sorts of excuses to use my WBP and nothing but my WPB in the kitchen. I’ve also become obsessed with collecting the whole range which offers everything from frying pans, pots (including a stock pot and wok!),roasting dishes, grill pans and more all in a variety of sizes. Not bad for a kitchen spazz hey?

So where can you get your hands on one of these crazy awesome pans? The pans start from about R750 for small 20 cm pan and they are available online from YuppieChef as well as from Banks Kitchen Stores and Wellness Warehouse. For more information on The World’s Best Pan say Hi to them on Facebook!

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