Gourmet Treats Delivered to Your Door with Zestly Box! [Review]

Zestly Box

Foodies rejoice, there’s a new way to explore exciting new local gourmet foods and it means never having to leave the comfort of your couch! Whether you’re just starting out in the delicious world of food exploration or are a well-seasoned food expert who loves nothing more than to sip and sample your way through a wide array of gourmet delights, the oh-so-awesome Zestly box is for you! The new(ish) monthly subscription box for foodies delivers the very best gourmet deliciousness to your doorstep with new stuff to discover each and every month. Think of it as having a personal shopper but instead of fashion finds they bring you delicious eats and treats to enjoy!

Zestly Box

Sign up and each month you will receive a Zestly box filled with the finest sourced foods and snacks. It really is the easiest way to discover new foods and flavours. The creators of the box only source from local producers and suppliers who love what they do and in each box you will find a leaflet listing all that products in that month’s box so you can easily find out more about the suppliers who make them. But that’s not all, soon you will also be able to order more of your favourite eats from the box on the Zestly website! I also love that Zestly allows you to cancel your subscription at any time so there’s no commitment! They also offer free delivery for the boxes so the price you see is the price you pay.

Zestly Box
My box was filled with delicious treats!

Each Zestly box offers 6 – 8 gourmet surprises inside a beautiful hand-printed box  including snacks, preserves, sauces, condiments, handmade sweets, drinks, and more. I got to sample the November 2015 box and was treated to a smorgasbord of gourmet treats including Ritzi’s Sundried Tomato Chilli Pesto, Froggit Thyme Infused Balsamic Reduction, Kym’s Country Kitchen Cinnamon Nutty Crunch Apple Bites, Theonista Pomegranate Green Tea Kombucha (handmade at a microbrewery in Woodstock Cape Town), Rootstock Beef Biltong Crisps, Anglefoods Fudgery Midnight Velvety Fudge, Coconut Connection Organic Coconut Sugar, and Chaloner Blueberry, Raspberry and Lavender Jam.

Zestly Box

My favourite of the lot was definitely the Anglefoods Fudgery Midnight Velvety Fudge (a dark chocolate fudge with a rich, smooth texture), Kym’s Country Kitchen Cinnamon Nutty Crunch Apple Bites (apple slices lovingly coated in nuts and cinnamon spice mix), and the Rootstock Beef Biltong Crisps (handmade biltong with no flavourants or colourants). Special mention must also go to the Ritzi’s Sundried Tomato Chilli Pesto (a handmade pesto with a kick!) which was super delicious. I must say I was very impressed with the quality of each and every item in the box and amongst everything there was only one item that I had tried before so it was a real winner for me!

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Zestly Box

To get your very own monthly Zestly box fix you can subscribe online through the Zestly website and choose from either a R450 a month subscription, a R428 per month three-month subscription, or a R405 a month 6-month subscription. For what you’re getting each month it is definitely worth the splurge! The boxes also make for awesome gifts for family and friends and you can choose to have the box delivered as a gift or just as a monthly spoil to yourself.

For more information on the Zestly box visit the Zestly website or say hi to Zestly on Facebook or Instagram

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