10 New Beauty Products Worth Trying in December! [Review]


It’s time for another WomenStuff beauty roundup! Every month our beauty desk is inundated with new beauty products to try – from new skincare product releases to fabulous new makeup items and more, there’s always something exciting popping up. So, I decided to put them all together for you in one convenient place so you get all the reviews and news on the latest must-try beauty products without having to sift through a million articles. All of the products featured here have been personally reviewed by me, so you know they’re aces. Here are 10 new beauty products to try in December!

1. Eco Diva Liquid Vitamin Hydra Mist

Eco Diva Liquid Vitamin Hydra Mist

I discovered the joys of hydrating mists a few years ago and I am now addicted. They’re the perfect pick-me-up for your skin in summer and I never travel go on a long-haul flight without a mist or two in my carry-on. This version from Eco Diva is so much more than just a plain old hydration mist – it’s a two-phase product containing both aqua and oils, that is packed with hydrating skin food vitamins and antioxidants that help free radical damage and rejuvenate the skin.

This is definitely one of the best skin mists I have ever had the pleasure of using and I love that it’s a multi-use product (great for travelling). Use it on your skin for a boost on a hot summer’s day, as a toner after cleansing, or even as a makeup setting spray to seal in your look for the long haul. Another big bonus is that this mist (and all Eco Diva products) is cruelty-free, vegan, chemical-free, and proudly made in SA!

 The Eco Diva Liquid Vitamin Hydra Mist is available online from the Eco Diva website for R385.

2. Hask Revive & Refresh Daily Hair Mist

Hask Revive & Refresh Daily Hair Mist

If you’re all about that low-maintenance life then you’re going to love the Hask Revive & Refresh Daily Hair Mist. This light odour-removing mist is a bit of a godsend for me and works wonders when you need to remove nasty odours like smoke or strong food smells from your hair. This spray combined with a great dry shampoo is every low-maintenance gal’s dream combo! The product has a beautiful, fresh scent and even helps to tame frizz and reduce static – what more could you ask for?

Hask Revive & Refresh Daily Hair Mist is available at Clicks at R149.95.

3. Flickable Lipgloss

Flickable Lipgloss

Have some fun with the ultra-cute lollipop-shaped Flickable Lipgloss this summer. The award-winning US-born lip gloss with the unmistakable packaging is now available in South Africa and we couldn’t be more excited! The decadent lipgloss comes in five vibrant flavours and shades, including Better Off Red (Berry), Do Ya Pink I’m Sexy (Passion Fruit), Citrus How We Do (Tangerine), Toffee Talk (English Toffee), and Fight for Your White to Party (Sugar Cookie). But this product isn’t all about the cute factor, it’s actually a really good lipgloss too! It’s non-sticky and unlike a lot of other glosses, is super hydrating on the lips. Plus it is made from natural ingredients (like meadowfoam sea oil, jojoba seed oil, and vitamin E) and is cruelty-free, so it’s a guilt-free treat for your lips. I absolutely adore this gloss because not only are the flavours divine but it also leaves your lips soft and with a bit of a natural plump.

Flickable Lipgloss is R90 and will be available in SA from March 2018. For stockists visit the Infinity Skincare website.

4. BioNike Defence Colour Sun Touch Bronzing Powder

BioNike Defence Colour Sun Touch Bronzing Powder

You can’t get through summer without investing in a good bronzer – I mean, how else are you going to get that sun-kissed look? You could spend hours in the sun (bad idea) or you could just reach for this multi-toned bronzer from BioNike. Use this fabulous compact to define your facial features and leave your skin looking naturally sun-kissed in a flash. The lightweight powder has a silky texture and velvety finish that leaves your skin feeling soft and looking flawless plus, it’s free of preservatives, gluten, and fragrance so it’s kind to sensitive skin.

BioNike Defence Colour Sun Touch Bronzing Powder at Dis-Chemat R139.95.

5. CocoBaci Oil Pulling Sachets

CocoBaci Oil Pulling Sachets

Get white teeth, a healthy smile, and detox your body the natural way with Cocobaci this summer. The idea behind these clever little sachets is that you buy a 15-day supply and use one a day to deep cleanse your body using oil to pull pathogens and toxins out through your inner mouth lining. Combining the practice of oil pulling with virgin coconut oil and Gemmotherapy (a practice that uses newly grown tissue cells of various parts of plant), Cocobaci claims that in just 15 days you will not only have a brighter smile but improved health too. Your journey to whiter teeth requires you to use one sachet of oil a day, swirling the oil around in your mouth for 5 – 15 minutes (the longer the better).

The product comes in a variety of different flavours (I tried the Lemon Sparkle) and the flavour added makes the product quite bearable to keep in your mouth for long periods of time. I started off with 5 minutes and worked my way up to 15 after the fourth day. While I didn’t get to complete the full 15-day programme (I only had 6 sachets), I did feel like my mouth felt fresher and my teeth cleaner after using each sachet. This program is a great natural alternative to teeth whitening products and I am now super keen to try the full programme!

The CocoBaci 15 Day Oil Pulling Program is available online from Faithful to Nature at R220.

6. Elizabeth Arden Plush Up Lip Gelato Lipstick

Elizabeth Arden Lip Gelato

The stunning gel formula lipsticks are simply irresistible. Not only does this lipstick offer a beautiful pop of colour but it also leaves your lips feeling instantly plumped, moisturized, and soft. With 10 colours to choose from including pinks, reds, and plums, this collection of lippies is sure to suit any style. Each lipstick also has an incredible candy-like smell that will leave you feeling tempted to lick your lips all day long. I also love the packaging design of the Lip Gelato lipsticks – simply push up the logo lever to release the lipstick from the lid and click back in when you’re done. Unlike a traditional lipstick tube where you pop off the lid to reveal the lipstick, these lipsticks offer a more handbag-friendly option that won’t see your lipstick lid playing hooky in the depths of your handbag.

Elizabeth Arden Plush Up Lip Gelato retails for R295.

7. Brand Italia Mosquito Away Bands & Sprays

Brand Italia Mosquito Away Bands & Sprays

Summer is here but so are the mosquitos! But forget using chemical bug sprays these holidays and reach for something more natural and far cuter! Ideal for water activities and outdoor activities, these super cute Mosquito Away wristbands and sprays are just what you need to keep the bugs at bay. Non-toxic, non-staining, non-greasy, and great for sensitive skin, the wristbands for kids and adults protect your skin from annoying insects by releasing a natural citronella fragrance gradually over 240 hours (if stored in its resealable package when not in use). The bands come in all sorts of funky colours and designs (there’s even a Marvel superhero collection!) and are most effective when worn on the wrist or ankle. If you’re looking for something to cover yourself and treat your bedding and the rest of the room then try the Tropical Natural Spray. Made from a combination of refined essential oils, this spray is delicate on the skin and has a beautiful scent. It’s free from pesticides and chemicals and is safe to use on the whole family.

The Brand Italia Mosquito Away Bands Wristbands retail for R90 each and the spray R130. For stockists visit the Infinity Skincare website.

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8. Full Brow Eyebrow Range

Full Brow Eyebrow Range

This is more of a collection of products – I loved the range so much I couldn’t pick one to tell you about! The Full Brow range offers everything you need for fabulous brows and I mean everything. The niche cosmetic range was developed for brows and eyes only is not only simple to use but also beautifully packaged and designed. The products are long-lasting and the range includes an eyebrow smudge, eye cream, eyebrow pencils, and more. I got the chance to try the eyebrow powder, eyebrow wax, eyebrow enhancer/highlighter, and brow brush and fell in love with the products.

The Perfect Duo Brow Brush (R200) is probably the most perfect brow brush you will ever use – use the spoolie on one end of the brush to groom, blend and brush hairs in an upward motion and the angled end of the brush to apply both brow powder and wax. The clear Brow Wax (R200) helps to tame, define, and seal brows and give a natural appearance. This wax is the real stuff and offers extreme, sweat resistant hold without looking plastic. The Brow Powder (R230) comes in a range of colours and is enriched with Vitamin E and antioxidants to nourish and condition the brow hair. Use it to fill and shape your brows like a boss. Finally, use the Brow Highlighter (R230) to create that final wow factor. Glide this smooth pencil under brows after applying your powder and instantly illuminate your eyes. You can even sweep along the top of your cheekbones for added definition and shimmer.

For stockists and prices visit the Infinity Skincare website.


9. Buchulife Derm-Active Moisturising Cream

 Buchulife Derm-Active Moisturising Cream

I’m currently obsessed with Buchu. Who knew this powerful herb could do so much! So, when I was given the Buchulife Derm-Active Moisturising Cream to try I jumped at the chance to try it. Buchlife claims that with prolonged use, this cream can help improve the appearance of scarring, stretch marks and signs of ageing on the skin. I have been using it on both my face and hands and love how nourishing the cream is for dry skin. The cream is super moisturising but doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin after applying and it soaks in really quickly. It may be a little too nourishing for some so I would recommend using it as a night cream when you really need a boost otherwise go ahead and slather it onto your hands and body whenever you need a boost of hydration.

Buchulife Derm-Active Moisturising Cream is available from Wellness Warehouse and Food Lover’s Market at R60 for 150ml tub.

10. BioNike Defence Sun50+ Baby & Kid Spray Lotion

BioNike Defence Sun50+ Baby & Kid Spray Lotion

If you have kids then you definitely want to ensure you grab a bottle of this sunscreen spray for the summer holidays. Free of preservatives, gluten, and fragrance, this easy-to-smear-on-a-moving-target and non-sticky sun lotion is specially formulated for young, delicate skin. Developed to protect against short-term damage, free radicals, and long-term biological and physiological sun damage, this sun lotion is a parent’s dream come true. It’s also highly water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about reapplying every 2 seconds and has been tested to be sand-resistant as well so you won’t take the whole beach home with you in the car!

BioNike Defence Sun50+ Baby & Kid Spray Lotion is available at Dis-Chem at R149.95.

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