10 New Beauty Products You Have to Try in September [Review]


It’s time for another WomenStuff beauty round up! Every month our beauty desk is inundated with new beauty products to try – from new skincare product releases to fabulous new makeup items and more, there’s always something exciting popping up. So, I decided to put them all together for you in one convenient place so you get all the reviews and news on the latest must-try beauty products without having to sift through a million articles. All of the products featured here have been personally reviewed by me, so you know they’re aces. Here are 10 new beauty products to try in September 2017!

Reviewed by Me

These are some of my favourite products from our beauty desk this month – they’ve all been personally reviewed by me and get the WomenStuff stamp of approval!

1. Palladio Eyeshadow Quad

Palladio Eyeshadow Quad

I’m a big fan of the Palladio cosmetics products – they’re affordable and the products offer great value for money! My latest favourite from the range is the Palladio Eyeshadow Quad. As you know, nude and natural eyeshadows are all the rage at the moment so when I received this Palladio ‘Copper n Chic’ Eyeshadow Quad palette I was beyond excited to try it out. The 4 colours in the palette are simply divine and I was super impressed with the pigment I got from the product. The pigment lasts a long time on the lids and when worn over over a good eyeshadow primer the colour will pop even more. These shadows blend beautifully too so you can use all four colours to create a “wow-factor” nude look.

The Palladio Eyeshadow Quad comes in 6 different colour palettes and is available from Dis-Chem Pharmacies at R99.99.

2. Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Sunlight Kisses EDT

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Sunlight Kisses EDT

I’m in love with this Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Sunlight Kiss EDT! The sunny, citrusy floral fragrance is sure to become a firm favourite for me this spring-summer and I just want the cold weather to bugger off now so I can wear it more often. This beautifully light fragrance is overflowing with warm, effervescent notes and the essence of fresh blooms – it offers some stunning notes including bergamot, mandarin, apple leaves, rose, jasmine, driftwood, musk and smells fresh and oh-so-summery. It’s a bit of a playful fragrance and is ideal for daytime wear. I love it because it lifts my mood whenever I wear it and it reminds me of summer holidays spent lazing about by the pool.

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Sunlight Kiss Eau de Toilette 100ml is available at Red Square for R425 for 100ml.

3. Bodyography Lip Lava Lipstick

Bodyography Lip Lava Lipstick

I am next level obsessed with Bodyography makeup at the moment and what’s not to love? All their products are vegan (yes please!), cruelty-free, and paraben-free. I fell in love with this liquid lipstick from the very first time I used it and I was super impressed with the strong pigment. Bodyography claims their Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks have three times more pigment than other brands on the market and while I can’t vouch for that I can tell you that the pigment is crazy good and lasts forever when applied. The lipstick comes in 6 different shades, offering a selection of matte and metallic finishes to suit any look. I tried ‘Basic’ (a dark nude colour) and ‘Crystal Moon’ (a mauve nude with a metallic finish) – ‘Basic’ is my favourite of the two shades and looks fabulous against my fair skin. It’s great for day wear while ‘Crystal Moon’ is more suited for a night look. The formula of the lipstick is really thin and doesn’t feel thick or clunky on your lips when you wear it. It can be a little bit drying on the lips, but not enough to cause any flaking or discomfort. This is easily fixed with a great lip balm or lip primer worn underneath.

Bodyography Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks are available at Placecol stores or online for R290.

4. DR. Gobac Facial Sunscreen SPF25

Dr Gobac Facial Sunscreen

My skin is pretty fair (heck, I’m basically verging on ginger!) so sunscreen is super important in my life. I can’t even think about being in the sun without sunblock but let’s face it; most sunscreens are too damn heavy to wear on your face for 5 minutes let alone all day. Nothing irks me more than having blocked pores which is why I’m always on the hunt for great sunscreens that have been created specifically for the face. This facial sunscreen from DR. Gobac is lightweight and non-toxic – DR. Gobac claims it’s so safe it can even be used on babies’ delicate skins! Unlike most other sunscreens on the market, this one doesn’t contain any of the toxic chemicals that have been known to cause irritation to the skin (I struggle with this a lot!) Instead, it contains zinc clear, together with a number of potent ingredients to effectively destroy and eliminate free radicals in the skin. This new find is going to be my number one must-have at the beach this summer and is well worth the splurge!

DR. Gobac Facial Sunscreen SPF25 is available from Placecol and Edgars at R350 for 40ml.

5. Morgan Taylor Selfie Summer 2017 Collection

Morgan Taylor Selfie Summer 2017 Collection

Here’s another reason to smile big in all your summer selfies – Morgan Taylor has just launched a super fun new collection just in time for the warmer weather. The Selfie Summer 2017 Collection features 6 new shades and is fun, vibrant, and sassy. The collection is filled with neon corals, pinks, purples, and blues that are perfect for summer – these colours are so hot you’ll need sunglasses to stare at them! Some of my favourites from the new collection include ‘Woke Up This Way’ (an electric fusion neon), ‘No Filter Needed’ (an electric neon blue), and ‘Me, Myself-ie, and I’ (a coral neon shimmer).

The Morgan Taylor Selfie Summer Collection is available from leading spas and salons at R149 per bottle or R266 for a 4-pack of minis.

6. Just Pure Essential Anti-Aging Cream SPF15

Just Pure essential anti-aging cream spf15

If you’re all about surfing the natural wave when it comes to skincare then you will love Just Pure and their range of natural skin care products formulated with the health and well-being of your skin and the planet in mind. I recently got the chance to try their fabulous Essential Anti-Aging Cream and fell in love with it. It’s a great natural alternative to wrinkle creams and also packs an SPF of 15 to protect your skin throughout the day. The product contains all sorts of good stuff like sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, aloe vera, and shea butter. This divine cream is oh-so-moisturising on the skin and helps to repair cellular damage and stimulate cell renewal while deeply nourishing the skin. It’s the type of cream you can start using in your 20s to help fight the signs of premature ageing and improve the texture of your skin. The cream also helps to increase firmness in the skin and gives you a youthful and radiant glow after every application.

The  Just Pure Essential Anti-Aging Cream is available online from Faithful to Nature at R316 for 50ml.

7. Elizabeth Arden FourEver Bronze Bronzing Powder Palette

Elizabeth Arden FourEver Bronze

If you’re in the market for a new summer bronzer then you will no doubt love this new addition to the Elizabeth Arden range as much as I do. This bronzer palette is compact but packs a serious punch on the makeup front. Not only does it feature four beautiful colours to highlight and contour your face but it is also infused with Vitamins C and Vitamin E and hydrating hyaluronic acid to give you a smoothing effect and add a little oomph to the skin when you wear it. I tried out the Medium palette, which looked great on my fair skin, but those with darker skin would probably prefer the Dark palette. I found that the pigment of the colours wasn’t that strong when used separately but when you swirl your brush across all four and mix them together you get a lovely natural effect when applied on the face. Another plus is that the powder is super fine and has a slight shimmer to it to give you a little bit of a glow.

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Elizabeth Arden FourEver Bronze is available from Woolworths at R550. 

Things I Love this Month

While I haven’t had a chance to review the products below they are definitely on my radar for the coming months. These products and places range from the oh-so-cute to the downright brilliant. You’re bound to find something you’ll love and want to try.

8. Label.m Highlighting Toners

Label.m Highlighting Toners

Exciting news for colour fiends – Label.m has launched an exciting industry first – spray-on Highlighting Toner! This high-fashion collection comprises four unique sprays, directly inspired by the makeup strobing trend, with an incredible luxe-metallic finish, to give colour highlights with an iridescent glow. With a range of colours to play with, Label.m Highlighting Toner delivers the most exciting way to be experimentally creative with non-committal colour. It’s basically like strobing for your hair – with tonal placement to highlight, shape add depth, or even transform completely with a full-on new shade one day and back again the next! Designed to leave the hair touchable with soft movement, think precious metals, where you can literally build the level of intensity as desired, but totally lightweight for the ultimate in radiating colour.

Available at selected salons at R240.00 each.

9. Mio Double Buff

Mio Double Buff

Get ready, summer is coming and it’s time to say bye-bye to dry, winter skin. If you’re looking to get rid of dry skin and exfoliate in a flash then this lotion is just the thing – it’s body buffing on speed! Mio calls it double buff because it exfoliates your skin twice while also softening and hydrating the skin, leaving it feeling brand new. But that’s not all, dual action body scrub also helps to perfect and brighten uneven skin tone and has an incredibly fine formula that prevents ‘cheap scrub damage’. The cream allows you to give your skin a physical exfoliation with granules as well as an enzymatic exfoliation with high-quality fruit enzymes, making it twice as effective as regular body exfoliators.

Mio Double Buff is available at selected salons at a recommended retail price of R625.00 for a 150ml.

10. Lush Charity Pot

Lush Charity Pot

Your daily body lotion pamper session could actually have a positive impact on the planet. Provided you’re slathering on the luxurious Lush Charity Pot hand and body lotion of course. All proceeds from this much-loved product go to small, grassroots charities and organisations and with over £20 million raised around the world so far, there’s no doubt Lush customers are making a huge impact with the simple act of buying a lotion. This year marks the tenth birthday of Lush’s Charity Pot project with proceeds worldwide and since starting in 2014, Lush South Africa have been able to distribute up to R200,000 per year between their Charity Pot partners. You can read more about these charities here.

Lush Charity Pot is available from Lush stores at R65 for 45g pot and R245 for 225g pot.

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