3 Amazing Apps to Turn Everyday into an Adventure

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While life is beautiful (have you even had a look out the window lately!?), doing mundane, day-to-day routines can prove rather boring. As a result (and an attempt to spice things up), we’ve tracked down three incredible apps that turn your daily activities into fun-filled adventures. Don’t know what we’re on about? Just check out the apps below:


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No one ever gives you credit for the little things, but what if you had something that did reward you for the regimes and tasks of your daily life, such as brushing your teeth or taking out the trash? Epic Win is a free app that turns your to-do list into a fantasy, dragon-filled adventure. The app, which is essentially a gamification of your daily life, allows you to play as a character who gets to level up when tasks are completed. For those who love video games and want to incorporate it into their daily life, it’s a must-have app. Just watch the trailer below:


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This little app is extra special, not only because it uses augmented reality and your smartphone’s camera in a unique way, but it’s also a proudly South African creation. Called ‘Skate Now’, the app works with your phone camera to turn any environment or object into your own personal skatepark, which you can then skate on with colourful and hilarious characters, record your very own animated skate video, and share it with your friends.


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You may have heard of Ingress at some point, because it has a massive (and somewhat secretive) community behind it. In Ingress, local landmarks are portals you have to hack and control for your faction. You join a faction, either Resistance or Enlightened, at the beginning of the game. The story is that there’s exotic matter coming through the portals. The Enlightened think it can help humanity ascend to a higher consciousness, and the Resistance think it will be used to enslave humanity.

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Opening up the app as you walk around town reveals a grid overlaid onto the landscape, with bright portals scattered at key locations. As you’re going about your daily errands you can quickly hack and defend portals. It’s more geared towards the lifestyle of those who are on-the-go — or anyone who travels to various locations daily. It’s hard to get started in Ingress, but as a tool that turns your everyday landscape into a digital battleground.

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