4 Different Types of Window Blinds for 2020

The blind is the popular type of window covering to block the light and attain the suitable temperature. It gives you the privacy that you need in your room. The window blinds come in different sizes, shapes, styles, and materials. The number of blinds are available in the market to choose from. You can go for dressy or casual window looks, depending on your needs. The common types are:

Venetian Blinds

The No. 1 on my list are Venetian blinds. They are perfect metal horizon slates that attempt to control the light and privacy of your rooms. They are great for all rooms at your place. These window blinds were first time designed in 1974. They received the Venetian name because the design was originally extracted from the Venice, Italy. In modern times, they are quite used instead of traditional fabric curtains or window shutters. The maintenance of Venetian blind is pretty easy; you just have to wipe clean with a dry cloth. The tilt rod works to adjust the louvers for light and horizontal slates stop peeing eyes.

Vertical Blinds

These blinds are commonly used at offices, classrooms, hospitals, and other official places. Sometimes the homeowners also prefer putting vertical blinds at their personal spaces. These blinds are hang vertically from the top of the window towards the ground. They are long, strap, and individual pieces of materials that you can find for regular-sized windows, tall windows, sliding doors, etc. You can even find vertical blinds in different materials, shapes, styles of blinds, and in different patterns. They add casual, elegant, and sophisticated touch to the room. The choice depends on your taste, window needs, and look of your room.

Wooden Blinds

The wooden blind is my favorite one, and it is perfect choice to enhance the interior of your place without putting much effort. Obviously, by the name, you can guess that the wooden blinds are made of wood material. They have the sleek horizontal slats to control the privacy and light coming out of the room. If they hang properly and window customized, they look great in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and drawing rooms. You can simply clean them with a dry cloth. They work from cords to lift and tilt slats. You can customize the look by considering a wide range of wood stains and painted colours offered by the providers. Contact reliable manufacturers like SelectBlinds Canada to get a personalised window blind and contrasting wooden shade for your room.

See Also

Honeycomb Shades

The honeycomb shades are perfect to keep the sunlight out, make your rooms warm by adding a bit of window insulation and retain the rooms’ privacy. If you are looking to cut down on your utility consumption, then honeycomb shades are best-suited to meet this need. They attempt to filter light, block light, and insulate windows to save energy. They are usually mentioned to as cellular shades and you can easily find basic types of materials in that. Generally, they come in paper shade to meet office windows’ requirements and cloth shade to meet home windows’ requirements. The style depends on your choice and need.

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