Have you decided to put a ring on her finger and make things official? Congratulations! But hold on, have you planned how you are going to do that? If not, then you have come to the right place to find out how to ask her ‘The Question.’ Whether you are waiting on her to ask you for marriage or it is the other way around, your marriage proposal is one of those special moments you will never forget. So, if you are ready to ask her, ‘will you marry me?’ but need a few ideas, then we’ve put together a few tips for you. If you want to learn about them, be sure to read this article till the end.

Choose A Meaningful Location

What can be a better place than the one you both have memories attached to, and that is close to your hearts? Choosing the most meaningful location is the best way of setting the mood. Whether you choose the place where you both had your first kiss, the place you both have been wanting to visit together, or the location where you said ‘I love you’ to her, choosing a place like this and planning a whole proposal there is the best thing to do. It will make the proposal unforgettable for you both.

Pick A Perfect Ring

No proposal is complete without a ring. After she says ‘yes,’ you should be putting a beautiful ring on her finger. Now, the question is, how are you going to choose a perfect ring for her? You cannot just choose a ring you like the most. Instead, you must keep in mind her choice when looking into a lot of engagement rings options. Does she like diamonds or gemstones? Does she like to wear gold, white gold, silver, or yellow gold jewellery? Get all your answers, as they will help you pick out the perfect ring for the surprise proposal.

Prepare an Emotional Speech

The best proposal is so much more than just saying, ‘will you marry me’? Of course, asking her this question is the whole point of planning and putting together the entire proposal set up. However, you want her to feel a bit extra special on this memorable day. The chances are whatever you have prepared to say to her, you will forget it because of nervousness. Therefore, preparing an emotional speech is highly recommended. You can write about what you love the most about her, what she means to you, why you want to spend your life with her, and even the moment you knew she was the one you wanted to be with forever.

Hire a Photographer

If you are hiring a professional photographer, you are making sure that you have a lot of memories to look back at. It also means you will be able to cherish these special moments for years to come. Expert proposal photographer knows how to seize the moment perfectly, and get a precious shot of her when she is surprised and happy at the same time. Moreover, the photographer will capture all the candid moments of you both by remaining completely unseen.