5 Biggest Website Design Trends to Expect in 2021


While 2020 has been quite the year for everyone, a lot did happen in the tech space. With the changing economic times, the digital front has seen a huge leap forward, with website design specifically being given extra attention due to the surge of online retail. Well, 2021 is upon us, and there a few upcoming trends and new features you’re set to see across most websites, and we’ve rundown the top 5 to expect:


While many websites feature eCommerce and online shopping abilities tacked onto them as a secondary offering, 2021 will see many online businesses prioritising their digital shopping offering. Instead of having purchasing options on the business site, many companies will focus on building a dedicated online store; while distributors will realise that they can also build their own shopping platforms rather than using big marketplaces or existing retailers.


The days of generic stock photography are coming to an end, and online retailers and product developers will prioritise professionally-shot imagery and lifestyle photos of their products. Furthermore, not being able to touch or feel these products is always a hurdle, but many online stores are already implementing 3D photography, where you can rotate, tilt, and adjust the product to view any part, nook, or cranny you’d like.


While the in-your-face, big and bold approach works for some customers, new data suggests web users want cleaner and simpler websites to interface on, esspecially in the age of overbearing news and polarisation on the internet. Websites with concise microcopy, minimal design, soothing colours, and acres of relaxing white space have served as beacons of quiet in a noisy and tumultous world, and you can fully expect to see this trend grow in 2021.



While there is a focus on minimalism in the design world, the average user’s internet speed and bandwidth is getting better, allowing for designers to implement more animations and moving graphics, albeit in a minimal, subtle way. From scrolling text to moving imagery, 2021 will undoubtedly see more animations to catch your eye and draw your attention.


Rather than just showing every visitor to your website the same thing, 2021 will see more and more customised user-journeys through websites. Using quizzes and questionaires, websites designers will be able to guide you to a certain funnel of info or direct you to products without having to sift through the noise.

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