5 Life Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Life hacks are all the rage at the moment and everyone wants to know how to get things done simpler, better and faster. The internet is filled with loads of great tips to make your life easier but today we want to focus on the tricks that every woman should know. So, here are 5 life hacks we think every woman should know!

1. You don’t need an iron to get crinkles out of your clothes

flat iron wrinkles

So your iron is broken and you need to iron your favourite denim shirt before your date comes to get you in T minus 20 minutes! If you’re in a bind grab your hair dryer and de-wrinkle your clothes in a flash by laying the garment flat and blow-drying it until the wrinkles are gone. Then plug in your flat iron and straightening left over creases on the collar, seams and anywhere else that needs extra attention. Voila!

2. Stop costume jewelry rings from staining your fingers


Don’t you hate it when your finger turns green after a day of wearing your most favourite costume jewelry ring? Luckily we’ve got a solution to fix this! Grab a bottle of clear nail polish and paint the inside of rings. Let them dry (obviously) and slip them on. No more worrying about your rings turning your fingers all sorts of weird colours. You can also use clear nail polish on top of buttons to keep the thread from unraveling and over the tiny screws on your sunglasses to prevent them from falling out.

3. Get rid of annoying clumps on your mascara brush


Nothing ruins a good mascara like clumping! When this happens we are tempted to just throw the entire tube away but before you chuck it try this trick! Run your mascara brush under hot water to get rid of clumps. Then, let it dry and dip it back into the mascara tube.

4. Get rid of bumps and clumps on your clothes

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Are your jackets filled with annoying clumps and balls? Well, not for long because you can de-pill your coats and other clothes using nothing but a razor! Grab an ordinary disposable razor (not the super expensive one you use for shaving) and simply run it down your coat or any other item of clothing you want to de-pill and your clothing will come out looking like new. Genius!

5. Get rid of deodorant stains 

deo stains

Deodorant stains are the absolute worst! But we’ve got a hack to fix that too. To quickly get rid of deodorant stains, rub them with a pair of jeans and watch them disappear. Make sure you test a small patch first to avoid any color transfer.

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