5 Lust-worthy Pieces of Movie, Music, Gaming, & TV Merchandise!


Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your desk at work. a funky new T-shirt, or a piece of memorabilia to speak to the things you love, Raru has some pretty epic licensed merch and novelty items available for you to swoon over. To whet your appetite here are just 5 lust-worthy pieces of movie, music, gaming, and TV merch.

Band T-shirts:

Raru has a huge variety of band and music merchandise available, including some great women’s t-shirts featuring some of your favourite bands. We love this vintage-looking acid wash ACDC tee. Pair it with your favourite pair of jeans for a lazy Sunday spent rocking out on the couch.

raru merhandise

Click here to check out more t-shirts on Raru.

Super Mario Bros Ice Cube Tray

Some Nintendo-infused G&Ts are definitely on the cards for this weekend thanks to this Super Mario inspired ice cube tray, offering a brand new level of cool for your refreshments! A silicone moulded ice cube tray featuring character and icon designs from the classic Super Mario Bros series of games, including coins, mushrooms, question blocks, and of course Mario and Luigi. Simply fill with water and freeze at home for your own Mario style ice cubes.

raru merhandise

Buy the Super Mario Bros Ice Cube Tray on Raru.

Harkley Quinn Clutch Purse

Whether you loved the Suicide Squad movie or not, there’s no doubt Harley Quinn stole our hearts. And, now we so badly want to be just like the sassy, cool, and oh-so-mental heroine. Luckily for us this beautiful Harley Quinn-inspired clutch purse is just a click away and a postage stamp away!

raru merhandise

Buy this super cool Harley Quinn hybrid bag on Raru now.

Friends Central Perk Travel Mug

No self-respecting Friends fan would want to go through life without this super cool Central Perk travel mug. Fill it up with your favourite beverage and then soak up the attention from friends, family and strangers around you as they praise you for your excellent taste in travel mugs.

raru merhandise

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Buy this Friends Central Perk travel mug on Raru now.

The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes Figure

The Walking Dead fans will know the traumatic and violent journey its protagonist Rick Grimes has gone through since the beginning of the show, and the Rick Grimes Vigilante Edition deluxe figure depicts this transformation from a peace keeping deputy to judge, jury, and executioner. This blood-splattered 10-inch figure features the exact likeness of the actor, taken from a full 3D scan of the actor himself, Andrew Lincoln. It also comes with authentic in-scale replicas of Rick’s machete with red handle, revolver, knife, and d-rings. The pack also includes an alternate arm and hand to create additional character poses with various weapon combinations.

raru merhandise

Buy The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes Vigilante Edition Deluxe Figure on Raru.

For more awesome merch and novelty items, visit Raru.co.za. The online store stocks a wide range of goodies, gadgets, and neat things. Plus, they offer Free Delivery to all main centres for orders above R299!

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